Dangerous Apps - 1.0

Published on Nov 14, 2017

Want to be aware of the latest apps that are placing our students in jeopardy? Here are some of the latest apps that could have an impact on your teen / tween / child's life. Courtesy of Eitner Education.


Dangerous Apps

Apps that teachers, leaders, and parents need to know about 
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Superintendent Jay Eitner, Ed.D.

@Jay_Eitner | @EitnerEDU
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All educators are charged with keeping students safe as the top priority; more so than educating them.

700 apps come out every week.

There is and will be NO end to this. 
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Apps that passed their prime or are regulated

  • Kik
  • Twitter
  • FaceTime
  • WhatsApp (EU / AS)
  • SnapChat

Anonymous Apps

Kiwi & YikYak

anonmoys app used to ask questions; location based 
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Sarahah / TBH

"honesty" / sends anonymous comments to friends
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Live Streaming


video blog or live-stream and charge money 

Live.ly / Live.me

racial slurs / 'dares' / undressing / NO OBLIGATION TO REPORT PER APP AGREEMENT 
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Own culture / own celebs / give 'gifts' to celebs / celebs get paid 
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Making Friends


"teen dating" (over 17) / location based 
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Tinder alternative / location based / rate each other 
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"Tinder for teens" / location based / works with IG & SnapChat 
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Group Video Chatting


Watch the same YouTube with others simotanoeusly 
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FaceTime or Skype with up to 8 people 
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Uses SnapChat to connect for 10 seconds of video 
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