Daily Affirmations For Mompreneurs

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Moms in business juggle MANY things! #affirmations help you stay positive to help your family and biz thrive. Here's how to create yours! #balance http://bit.ly/SanityVids


Daily Affirmations For Mompreneurs

Yes, it's okay to feel good about you!
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I've noticed something

about many, many moms

We're pretty hard on ourselves!

you can blame everyone else, but consider your self-talk...

and I feel it's about time

that we practice compassion

For ourselves,

and for each other.
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I think moms are amazing

and you're doing a great job!
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Even when you have a bad day

remember, the sun will always rise.
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So here's a gift

or a ritual if you do it daily...
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How To Create

your own daily affirmations!

Because your...

  • brain always hears what you say
  • cells respond to positive energy
  • thoughts create your actions

And Because You'll...

  • Consistently focus on what you want
  • Stay in gratitude
  • Repeatedly ask for what you need

First, focus on your passions, emotions & desires

Decide what changes you want NOW

  • circumstances
  • thinking & perceptions
  • feelings
  • experiences
  • relationships
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Use 1st-Person

Focus on you - "I am..."
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Use Present Tense

As if what you want is happening NOW
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Stay Positive

Your subconscious only hears the content

Like this: 'I nurture my family with confidence, patience and love while achieving my business and financial goals.'

At SaneSpaces.com,
I help mompreneurs...

successfully balance
their desire to nurture a growing family while thriving in business!

Welcome to more sanity
psst... you're awesome

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