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Cycling in Luxembourg

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Cycling in Luxembourg

Kasia Krzyzanowski


There is a network of national cycle paths which criss-cross the country. Some pass through Luxembourg City, although they are often just signs indicating the suggested route, not actual bike lanes.

There is a network of bike lanes in Luxembourg city, but they don't go everywhere and are not always safe.

Suggested lane, indirect left turn, bike crossing, contraflow lane

Bikes allowed where cars are not

Bikes allowed on path

Bike Parking

  • Secure: MBox at Gare Centrale and Mersch Gare
  • Public bike parking around the city
  • Private bike parking
  • Request it!

Take your bike on the bus or train, free!

(Groups of >6, call in advance)

Get Started!

Veloh! bike sharing, available 24/7
->72 stations, 300-400m apart
->€15/year, station at Rue Emile Bian
->first 30 min free, then each hour €1, max €5/day

Where to find a bike

  • Second-hand: Anglo-info, Troc, Luxbazar.lu, yourshop.lu, Carboot sale, Belle Etoile annual market
  • Affordable: Cactus, Decathlon
  • Higher-end: Local bike shops
Photo by Pörrö

Join a ride!

  • Cycle Luxembourg: Coffee, picnic, city quiz, etc.
  • Facebook and Meetup.com groups
  • Ride with colleagues

Join now at mvos.lu!

Rules & Safety

Photo by MeckiMac

Required bike accessories

  • Front light
  • Bell
  • Two brakes
  • Two reflectors per wheel
  • Two reflectors per pedal
  • Red rear reflector
  • Reflective bands on the rear frame
  • Red rear light

Rules in Luxembourg

  • Ride single file (side-by-side ok in countryside)
  • Don't wear headphones
  • You can pass stopped/slowing cars on right
  • Signal when turning
  • A helmet is not required by law (but recommended)
Photo by Richo.Fan

Cycle safely

  • At night you're invisible to cars! Use lights, reflective clothing, etc.
  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Leave space between you and parked cars
  • Avoid stopping in blind spots
  • Be predictable!
  • Don't weave in and out of parked cars
Photo by vikapproved

Cycling to Drosbach building in Cloche d'Or...

Get involved with cycling

  • Become a member, volunteer for Cycle Luxembourg
  • Join a cycling community
  • Take part in events (LVI, BAFF, CL, etc.)