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Current Events Project 2016

Published on Mar 01, 2016

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Current Events Project 2016

The Woman Who Walked 1,000 miles 
Photo by afromusing

A woman named Sarah Marquis walked solo from Siberia to Australia over the course of three years. Along the way she experienced three days sick with dengue fever in the Laos jungle, she tied her left leg tied to a tree so that she wouldn’t drown herself in the river close by should she have a fit of fever-induced delirium; she was held hostage and beaten for 4 hours then robbed by a group of gunmen; she spent over 6 months in the Gobi desert gathering water for hydration by using a plastic sandwich bag to collect drops of condensation.

Hold up...how far?

There is no straight answer to this question. I have seen articles that say anywhere from 1,000 to 27,000. Regardless, it was a lot. As in, from Siberia to Australia. Yeah, a lot.

Photo by Vijay Gunda

Article One: Discovery News

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Article Two: National Geographic

The National Geographic article gave a lot of interesting facts that were taken from an interview with Sarah Marquis. This article had a very positive perspective.

On Point Podcast

This podcast featured an on-air interview and had a positive perspective overall.

And the winner is...

National Geographic!

The National Geographic Article was most influential to my perspective because the article was just a huge long quote that the author took directly from Sarah's mouth and put down on paper. The interview that closes out the article also has a bunch of good clarifying facts that are quite intriguing.

This had an impact on my life indirectly because it put life into perspective for me. If Siberia to Russia is only one thousand miles, then how big is the world? The universe?


Photo by John-Morgan