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Cuckold cameos

Published on Feb 09, 2024

Firstly, she likes lingerie but especially likes a bit of a contrast. For example she will often dress in a black negligee over soft white cotton panties and finished off with stripey knee length socks. Might sound a bit strange but you will understand later.

Firstly, get her to lie down on her tummy and lie next to her. She likes to feel your cock gently pushing on her thigh as you give her little kisses on her cheeks and lips. This is the small talk stage and she will feel quite nervous having never done this with another man before. Compliment her on her soft, smooth butt and thighs and play a little bit with exposing her white panties under the negligee. Caress her butt and trace the line of her panties, going lower and more daring between her legs.

The next step is crucial and could mean the difference between her backing out and you emptying the contents of your balls into her womb. Slide your hand under her tummy and down to her pussy. Start caressing the same with slow strokes with your thumb from the back to the front. My wife should start to be a little wet by then and so let her know. With your other hand start to play with her butt cheeks and stroke progressively lower to join forces with the first hand. Don’t forget to push your cock a little harder into her thigh to remind her why you are there.

By now her breathing will be heavier and she will be getting wetter. Take this as your queue to be a bit more aggressive with your fingers. Start pushing more than stroking. If her panties are wet enough you should push fingers and thumb into her pussy taking the wet panties with you. She likes that and will start to push back with little thrusts. Make sure your cock is readily available and within reach as she will want to feel it with her hand.

Congratulations, you’ve got it made and you are well on your way to fucking my wife senseless!

The next step is easy. Tell her to kneel up so you can look at her properly. She will still be jerking your cock and so keep playing with her pussy. Tell her to pull her boobs out. She will. You may want to suggest to her that your cock is a bit too dry for this kind of thing and that is when she will immediately spin round on her knees and put your cock in her mouth. I won't go into details about that but suffice it to say she is good and you will enjoy it. Her pussy will now be exposed in a glorious doggy position and so enjoy that too.

Now is a good opportunity to talk dirty. I usually remark that a girl wearing nice white panties shouldn’t be doing such things as she is. Or, I tell her what a naughty girl she is for wetting her panties so much. She likes the naughty schoolgirl theme and i think you might too. She likes to then turn around and kiss you deeply, giving you the opportunity to taste your cock in her mouth.

It’s your turn next. This is your turn to be a bit more aggressive. Get her to lie on her tummy again. Pull her negligee up a little to expose her butt and panties. She really likes this bit and you should be rewarded with her first orgasm. Put one knee between her legs and the other outside her thigh. Hitch the leg of her panties up to expose her butt cheek and push against her exposed butt with your cock. She enjoys this bit as it gives her anticipation for what comes later. Also pushing down with your hand on her back or neck gives her the feeling of being a little trapped and at the mercy of ‘the powerful man’. Tell her more detail what you intend to do to her. Nail her to the bed and fuck her hard, etc., I’m sure I can leave that up to your imagination. But it is here that she invariably has a good solid thrusting orgasm.

Now you have a choice that depends on how much longer you have, how much you can hold out, or even how kinky you want to get.

Option one is one of her favourite endings. With my wife still on her tummy, staddle the small of her back facing away to her feet. Insert your cock under her panties and slide between her butt cheeks. Tell her how naughty she is now that she actually has a cock inside her nice, white panties and that you are going to fuck her until you shoot your load inside her panties. With one of your hands you will have access to her pussy, so play with it while you thrust. Try to put your thumb inside while you come. She really likes the feeling of the hot semen tracking down her crack to her pussy at the same time as having a thumb thrusting in and out.

Option two is a good old traditional missionary. It’s an underrated position, but done right I think it;s quite superior. My wife likes to be fucked on the floor sometimes, and so suggest it to her. Or, by this time you could suggest anything involving your cock and her pussy and she would agree. You know the mechanics of this and so I won’t go into too much detail but, rather, I’ll give you some pointers.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry; now is your opportunity to tease her a little. Get her to lie on her back on the floor just in front of you and then lay your cock on her tummy. I’m assuming it’s a nice big fat one and so you can get her to estimate how far into her tummy it will be going.

Don’t take her panties off. They are soft and moist and won't hurt her to have them pulled to one side while you fuck her. Besides it looks really sweet and "naughty schoolgirl" like to have legs clad in long stripey socks over your shoulders, white panties doing a poor job of stopping a big glistening cock taking a girl’s virtue, and then looking up to see that you are actually fucking another man’s 30 something slutty wife.

Talk dirty and definitely let her know precisely what you are doing to her.

Try to use the wall or another solid object as leverage so that you can thrust into her as hard as you can. This is especially important when you come yourself as you need to plant that hot semen as far into my wife’s womb as you can. And, be sure to make eye contact when you do.

That’s about all that I can tell you. I’m sure you can work out the rest. Be sure to make her grunt and pant and moan. I’ll enjoy hearing all about it when she gets home the next morning.

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