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Creation Story

Published on Oct 01, 2018

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Creation Story

Similarities of Basic Beliefs

  • Both religions believe in one God
  • Both religions start with the same people and stories.
  • Both religions believe in no sins for example murder, stealing,or lying.

Differences of Basic Beliefs

  • Christians worship in a church or chapel and Islams worship in a Mosque.
  • Islam has the five pillars of Islam.
  • The religions celebrate different holydays.

Creation Story Similarities

  • Both stories have God creating everything.
  • Both stories have Adam and Eve in a paradise.
  • Both stories have Adam and Eve eating the forbidon fruit.

Creation Story Differences

  • In the Christian story God creates everything in seven days. On the last day he rests which is the sabbath.
  • In the Islam story God creates everything just by saying be.
  • In the Islam story God makes Adam out of soil from Earth.

Style of Creation Story

  • The Christian creation story wants to teach you about how everything was created.
  • The Islamic creation story is much more of a story. It has characters and more of a plot. It isn't presented as facts like the Christian story is.