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Copyright is Messy: An Introduction to Creative Commons

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A short presentation for primary students about copyright and creative commons, incorporating student voices.


Copyright is messy

An introduction to Creative Commons
Photo by bill barber

"Pictures with words on are copyright"

Mostly True

But, not always.
Photo by Leo Reynolds

"You need to look out for watermarks and/or think about how you would feel if some one took your work and claims it their on."

Photo by phil dokas


Copyright and ownership are important! 
Photo by Leo Reynolds

"you need to think about [images] because sometimes its not suppost to be copied but if you doing it of a flower for a project it would be fine"

Photo by kabils

True, but who owns the picture?

Copyright still applies - even if you're a kid!
Photo by Leo Reynolds

"The pictures don't belong to you so you have to make sure you have permission to use the image that you are taking."


Photo by Leo Reynolds

share, reuse, remix, & create

CC licenses give you permission to:
Photo by dgermony

this isn't just for images

It's for websites, documents, music, videos ..
Photo by gnuckx

give credit!

Acknowledge your source & copyright license
Photo by ecstaticist

how to attribute

  • Who is the photo by?
  • What license is it shared under?
  • Where did you find it (URL)?
  • TIP: Copy & Paste Attribution 
Photo by paul bica