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Published on Oct 03, 2016

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Youth Stakeholders, Informal Learning, & Analytics

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Lots of the informal learning institutions think that since they have an outofschool time "fun" focus that analytics aren't something they should or need to focus on.


Shift in thinking for staff and public who are thinking that these types of institutions focus on "fun" in out of school-time.
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What's Happening?

Progress can be slow and small. Staff don't necessarily know where to start, what they should be looking at and for, and how to go about analyzing what's happening in the informal settings in which they work.
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Learning Curve

This all points to a learning curve and opportunities to provide example data, templates, and resources to help staff understand the how, why, what, when, etc.
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Biggest Questions

Why? What? When? Who?
As I just noted, why, what, when, and how are the questions people have. Why do we need to do this kind of data-gathering? What do we do with the data and what kind of data do we collect? When do we collect data? And, who are we collecting data from and who are we making it available to?

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