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What is Creativity?

By: The Huggins Crew

Creativity is expressing your own ideas in your own ways, and thinking out loud on paper, and having your own artistic voice.


Creativity is your ability to create something unique and original .

Creativity is expressing your imagination without anyone telling you what to do. Creativity is what makes everyone unique and different, each in their own way.-Ellie


Creativity is when ideas form and make a difference. - Pranay 
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Creativity is ...

when your imaginations run wild - Jaiteg

Creativity is the wonder and amazement that we have to make incredible ideas.Without creativity, life would be without the amazement we hope to live.Nothing would be the same without the creative ideas we put to the world.Especially,the ones that mean a lot!
- Anjali

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Creativity is when you put your creativity on paper and no one judges you.

Creativity is a way of showing yourself beyond other's imagination.
-Ethan G.

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Creativity is your imagination and your feelings.

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Creativity makes everyone unique and special. It makes everyone one of a kind

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 A way to show how unique you are in ART-Sanika

Creativity Is

Making it whatever you want it to be -Diana
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Creativity is what your imagination is. Can your imagination and Creativity change the world? Izaiha

Creativity is

Expressing your inner thoughts and imagination-SAI

Creativity is where you get inspired.

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Creativity is

                    thinking outside the box.-Peter
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Creativity is stepping out of the box that the world has been in for so long, by thinking for yourself, instead of letting the world think for you!

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I think creativity is being creative and creating something using your imagination.

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Creativity is everything you

have done and will do. Jonathan

Creativity is every thing, even your wildest dreams!!

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Creativity is everything

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Creativity is anything you want it to be.

- Sanjana

Creativity is your imagination and ideas

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Creativity makes your

imagination become reality. - Advika
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Creativity is to make something like a car -Danny

creativity is something you love that you expand to its very best -Japneet

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Doing things that you thought of yourself. ---Frank

Creativity is the ability

to make something different, unique. A way to express yourself -Nitya
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Creativity is when you cleverly brainstorm stuff in your mind and put it on a piece of paper. As Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is everything, it's the preview of life's coming attractions"
By: Saahas

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     is everything you can imagine - Ethan N


Can be anything, but in your own way -Vaijayanti
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Creativity is making something that you are proud of.

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Allowing Children to Express their own ideas - Mrs. Huggins