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Copy of Nazi  propaganda

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Nazi  propaganda


Nazi  propaganda

Grace Jowett

When Hitler started to control German children minds he planed how he was going to get them on his side. Hitler wanted to make kids believe him so he put himself every where. He made Hitler youth a big deal. Hitler made sure he was on every poster and that children learned about him in school.

When Hitler made teachers teach about Hitler and how he ran things and how he was boss. Hitler made sure that he would be talked about everywhere. Hitler made a movement that had contained a handful of youth groups since 1922.

Attitudes towards children in Nazi Germany was divided in his mainly from Hitler and by religion. Hitler only believed in his religion . Christianity made German children that more important towards Hitler. Hitler wanted everybody to have the same religion, he didn't think they were people if they weren't Christian.


  • Hitler didn't want Jews to have a different religion
  • Jews are Islam and that wasn't right
  • Hitler wasn't even German but he called himself German

After a while his men didn't want to kill any more people. They all realized that they all have family and that every time they were ordered to kill a kid they thought about that being someones child. Most of the his men didn't want their kids around Hitler, let alone have them learn about Hitler.