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Fitness Junkie

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My clients name is Mike Heath, Mike favorite thing to do is work out with his little brother Phil Heath.Both of them are enemies with with Kai Greene because all three of them are competing for Mr.Olympia

Your wondering why Mike is so into working out and being fit.This goes way back when he was little,he was a chubby kid and most girls denied him so he decided to change all of that and now girls come to him like crazy, his biggest goal is not the money nor the girls,but to one day be Mr.Olympia

Phil Heath

This is Phil Heath Mikes little brother 

Kai Greene

This is Phil and Mike's enemy 

Mike wants a BIG kitchen in his house and an indoor gym to get his swole on

Mike also asked me to get a sauna in his soon to be home 

Mike is the type of guy who is very into church,humble and very ambitious,he gets what he wants and when he sets his mind to it he goes and gets it and there is nothing that can stop him

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Mike lives by this Verse which to him means if your kind and humble you will get all of that in return, in a way a believe in karma