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Published on Mar 02, 2016

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Ben Williams

My Client
Photo by mastermaq

Lives in New York

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Outgoing person who wants an outgoing garden

Photo by russelldavies

He is a Museum Director

Photo by mikelo

Wants a peice of land in Europe

Wants a technology based garden

Photo by owly9

Wants to show the spread of information

Wants a multi-level garden

Photo by Mink

Lots of plants and color in the garden

Photo by temporalata

A day in the life of Ben williams

Photo by Werner Kunz

He likes to work out

Wakes up early to work out for two hours in the morning.
Photo by ericmcgregor

Watches a lot of movies

Spends his free time watching movies

Spends a lot of time at his job

Cooks a lot

He cooks for himself a lot during every meal
Photo by mripp

He is tech savy

Technology is a big part of his life and uses it for alomost everything
Photo by eGuidry

Enjoys art

He makes time to look at art and/or go out to see new art
Photo by cobalt123

Watches football

Big Cowboys fan since he was born in Dallas
Photo by Hawk Eyes

Has a dog

Spends time with his dog when he's at home

He uses his bedroom a lot

he sleeps for 8-10 hours a day 
Photo by tommaync

Works from home occasionally

Sometimes he will be on the phone with clients or just wanting to work from home
Photo by edgeplot