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Copy of A Haiku Of Haikus For #RAKweek

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Haiku poems look
At everyday life and
See something deeper.

Photo by DeeAshley

Short and to the point
These poems focus on the
Truly important.

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People are special
Being made to feel valued
Is key to success.

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A couple of words
Of encouragement from you
Gives a world of hope.

Giving up your seat
For an elderly woman
Shows that you are kind.

Sharing your dinner
With a friend who has nothing
Will show that you care.

Giving the last space
In the town centre car park
Is not often done.

Photo by ChrisGoldNY

Saying a nice thing
To a work colleague or friend
Helps to make their day.

Photo by moriza

Offering friendship
To someone who is lonely
Helps them to go on.

Photo by Lel4nd

Something as simple
As a smile to a stranger
Makes their day complete.

Photo by kennymatic

This week and always
Be friendly, good and happy
Act in a kind way.

Photo by Kalexanderson

Random Acts of Kindness Week

10 - 16 February 2014
Photo by Edgar a secas

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