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Copia de TXLA Wrap-up 2015

Inspiring moments from TXLA 2015 -- Texas Library Association conference



Rodrigo Jarpa - Generative Movement


your own sphere of influence --Helen Mowers
Photo by Peter E. Lee

Do you know the main character's name in Halo?
Your students do.
--Matthew Winner

Games make us more creative problem solvers.
--Matthew Winner

Photo by Great Beyond

What if kids

remembered the stuff we did?  -- Matthew Winner

Keep serving kids really

good books.   --Andrea Pinkney
Photo by Holtsman

Write a letter to diversity

--Andrea Pinkney

If someone took a photo of your library as the culture of the school, what would they see? -- Mowers

Libraries as "People, Place, Platform"

 -- Amy Garner

In team projects, we need to assign jobs where every kid's is important. -- Matthew Winner

What do students do with their research projects afterwards?--Aaron Graves

Create delightfully unnecessary obstacles
(not boring ones)
-- Chris Harris

Photo by Ruud Onos

How do you listen

to what is being said about your library?   -- Anna Adams
Photo by brittreints

Creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things--Levitt
Photo by Matt. Create.

Find strategic spots

where we can innovate for community -- Miguel Figuera

Question the status Quo.

Don't cut off the end of the pot roast! -- Helen Mowers
Photo by Leo Reynolds