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Content Strategy In The Age Of Semantic Search

ByHarris Schachter |115862 views |Business,Science and Technology

As semantic technology ramps up, how can marketers take advantage of this new age of content discovery? This deck touches on recent advances in semantic search and five disciplines to focus on for more effective SEO and Content Strategy. Full write-up & presentation notes:

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. Content strategy in the age of semantic search

  2. 2. about me

    • In-house SEO at a FORTUNE 200
    • Owner of OptimizePrime, LLC
    • Energy drink connisseur

    Google has more data, better intent identifcation, less SERP manipulation

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  4. 4. the shift

    From indexing web pages to indexing brand values

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  5. 5. embrace the change

    Widen your skill set to achieve results

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  6. 6. From all directions


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  7. 7. (even offline)

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  8. 8. (Even offline)

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  9. 9. Digital + Traditional + the real world

    It's all fair game for indexation.

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  10. 10. time to level up

    To Entity Optimization

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  11. 11. the technology

    1. Natural Language Processing (Speech)
    2. Semantic Image Processing
    3. Semantic Video Processing
    4. Predictive Search
    5. Sentiment Analysis
  12. 12. 1. Become a linguist

    Natural Language Processing (Speech)

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  13. 13. veveo, Inc

    Developing speech-based interfaces

  14. 14. veveo study:

    3/4 of people are dissatisfied with TV content discovery experience

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  15. 15. why are people dissatisfied?

    • Unable to search using keywords
    • Don't know how to spell what they're looking for
    • Takes too long to scroll through the electronic guide
    • They don't see any relevant recommendations

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  16. 16. speak! (for content discovery)

    Demo of speech-based UI

    Photo by misshappiness

  17. 17. use natural language 

    To be found through speech interfaces

  18. 18. wut keywords?

  19. 19. this is not the same as keyword research

    People speak differently than how they type.

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  20. 20. 2. become a photographer

    Semantic Image Processing

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  21. 21. Be concerned with:

    • Composition
    • Exposure + Quality
    • Originality
    • Meta-Data

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  22. 22. Composition

    Google's Image Search can find and identify copies

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  23. 23. Additional qualified traffic

    Through High Quality Images + Related Terms

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  24. 24. for images

    • Description
    • URL of the image
    • sameAs (indicates item identity)
    • Authorship for images!
    • Learn more:

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  25. 25. 3. become a movie director

    Semantic Video Processing

    Photo by Leo Reynolds

  26. 26. google's cat experiment

    A.I. computer learned to identify objects in videos

    Photo by StePagna

  27. 27. ThinkGlue ltd

  28. 28. thinkglue technology

    • Sentiment & Semantic Analysis
    • Video Summarization
    • Object Detection
    • Search inside videos
    • Data extraction for better SEO

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  29. 29. Semantic video analysis

     Thinkglue's wifi router blocks inappropriate videos

    Photo by eschipul

  30. 30. what does it mean?

    Get involved in video production

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  31. 31. be a marketer in the director's chair

    • Satisfy need states
    • Speak to sales cycle stages
    • Make a point 
    • Use the language of your prospects
    • (Sounds like content strategy, eh?)

    Photo by Sharon Drummond

  32. 32. EXTENSION for tv & radio

    • As of Dec 3, 2013
    • Offers "improved support for describing TV and Radio shows"
    • Classes include: Series, Season, Episode, Clip, etc.
    • Learn more:

    Photo by

  33. 33. prediction

    TV & Radio Schema facilitates "smart" commercials

    Photo by Scurzuzu

  34. 34. 4. become a fortune teller

    Predictive search

    Photo by Leo Reynolds

  35. 35. predictive search

    It's in apps, search, and native devices

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  36. 36. Craft the search experience

    Predictive Search Requires Technical & Content Consideration

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  37. 37. technical

    Structured data for more than just web pages

    Photo by Allspire

  38. 38. make a reservation on opentable

    The confirmation email has schema markup (for apps)

    Photo by Cedric's pics

  39. 39. zillow feeds

    Power Google Now cards to show suitable houses based on search history

    Photo by thinkpanama

  40. 40. and in social media

    • Facebook Open Graph Tags
    • Twitter Cards
    • Pinterest Rich Pins
    • Google+ Markup

    Photo by SierraTierra

  41. 41. content

    Topic Mapping For Authority & Coverage

    Photo by Hugo Chinaglia

  42. 42. create semantic maps

    Use these topics to inform content strategy

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  43. 43. anticipate activity

    To become an authority (and entity)

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  44. 44. 5. become a psychologist

    Sentiment Analysis

    Photo by Leo Reynolds

  45. 45. emotional states provide context

    Photo by Jenna Lennen

  46. 46. semantria llc

    Sentiment analysis as easy as an Excel plugin

  47. 47. Emotion markup language

    EmotionML 1.0 proposed by WC3 in April 2013

    Photo by Tim Green aka atoach

  48. 48. eml is proposed for:

    • Manual annotation of data
    • Automatic recognition of emotional states from user behavior
    • Generation of emotion-related system behavior

    Photo by deeveepix

  49. 49. even if search engines don't use EML

    Leverage emotional states for more effective content

    Photo by Great Beyond

  50. 50. Conclusion: wear more hats

    • Linguist
    • Photographer
    • Movie director
    • Fortune teller
    • Psychologist

    Photo by eltpics

  51. 51. Thank you

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