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Published on Dec 23, 2015

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The Constitution of the Untied States
Diana Martinez
Meagan Simmons

Article 2
Clause 4

Congress sets date for choosing electors as the Tuesday after the first Monday of November

Clause 5

The president must have been born a citizen of the U.S., be at least 35 years old, have been a resident of the U.S. For 14 years

Clause 6

It provides for the succession of the Vice President and replacement if Vice President and determination of presidential inability

Clause 7

The president now receives a salary of $200,000, and a taxable expense of $50,000 a year

Clause 8

Chief Justice of the U.S. regularly administers the Oath of Office

Article 2
Section 2
Clause 1

The presidents power to grant reprieves and pardons the power of clemency, extends only to federal cases

Clause 2

The president has the sole power to makes treaties but it must be approved by two thirds vote in the senate

Clause 3

When the senate is not in session appointments that require senate consent can be made by the president on a temporary basis

Article 2
Section 3

President delivers a state of the union message to congress and to the American people each year

Section 4

Constitution outlines the impeachment process in article one, section 2, clause 5 and section 3, clause 6-7

Article 3
Section 1

Constitution creates only the Supreme Court of the U.S.; it gives congress the power to establish lower federal courts and Supreme Court size

Section 2
Clause 1

It identifies those cases that maybe tried in those courts

Clause 2

Juridification refers to the power of a court to here a case in the first instance but not on appeal from a lower court

Clause 3

Guaranteed the right to trial by jury in a federal court in the state