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Conference Junkie

ByKathy Diver|334 views |Education

What to do about conference fever.

Presentation Outline

  1. kathy

    1. Kathy

  2. be prepared chargers, batteries and cables

    2. Be Prepared

    Chargers, Batteries and Cables

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  3. present registration fees waived

    3. Present

    Registration fees waived

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  4. and i am

    4. and I am

  5. a conference


  6. junkie!

    6. Junkie!

  7. thirsty? to learn something new?

    7. Thirsty?

    to learn something new?

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  8. take a sip!?! from a firehose?

    8. Take a SIP!?!

    from a firehose?

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  9. attend a conference or workshop

    9. Attend a Conference

    or workshop

  10. learn something new

    10. Learn

    Something New

  11. learn something new

    11. Learn

    Something New

  12. network with people of like mind!

    12. Network

    with people of like mind!

  13. improve your practice!

    13. Improve

    your practice!

  14. excitement is shared!

    14. Excitement

    is shared!

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  15. students benefit!

    15. students


  16. attend a conference? but...

    16. Attend a Conference?


  17. it's crowded! how can you decide what you need?

    17. It's Crowded!

    How can you decide what YOU need?

  18. what should i do? to have a better experience

    18. What should I do?

    to have a better experience

  19. avoid information overload

    19. AVOID

    information overload

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  20. focus plan session choices

    20. Focus

    Plan Session Choices

  21. read it presenter bio or session descriptions

    21. READ IT

    Presenter bio or session descriptions

  22. find out   good speakers and sessions

    22. Find out

      good speakers and sessions

  23. plan locations? times? similar sessions?

    23. PLAN

    locations? times? similar sessions?

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  24. comfort temperature, seating, snacks, water

    24. COMFORT

    temperature, seating, snacks, water

    Photo by Leo Newball, Jr.

  25. down time network, move, watch

    25. DOWN TIME

    Network, move, watch

  26. attend a conference? but...

    26. Attend a COnference?


  27. it's expensive! how can i pay for it?

    27. It's Expensive!

    How can I pay for it?

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  28. 28. Seek Funding

    • Principal or Director
    • Staff Development Funds
    • Grants from PTSA/SIP funds
    • Perkins or Title 1 funds

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  29. get paid learn and

    29. Get Paid

    Learn and 

  30. pay stipends  private companies

    30. Pay Stipends

     Private Companies

  31. pay stipends govt agencies

    31. Pay Stipends

    Govt Agencies

  32. free pd edcamp, twitter, school or district

    32. Free PD

    Edcamp, Twitter, School or District

    Photo by kjarrett

  33. after glow how do i keep the excitement?

    33. After Glow

    How do I keep the excitement?

  34. rideshare go with someone and collaborate

    34. Rideshare

    Go with someone and collaborate

  35. demonstrate your excitement

    35. Demonstrate

    Your Excitement

  36. implement skills

    36. Implement


  37. share with others

    37. Share

    With others

  38. rideshare discu

    38. RideShare