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Confederate Hospitals

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Describes the conditions and troubles in the medical field during the American Civil War.


Confederate Hospitals

BY Jordan Smith
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The Confederacy was quicker to establish a medical corp than the Union…

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…but was a disadvantage due to the lack of resources


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  • The most common injury was shot wound
  • Unless minor, this led to amputation
  • This would prevent infections; no antibiotics
  • Extra skin was stitched over the wound
  • Partially sedated with chloroform or alcohol

Amputation Fatality Rate

Two-thirds of soldiers died of disease and not wounds!

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There were not enough surgeons to handle all the injured people

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The Confederate only had 24 registered doctors; willing to take anyone who considered himself a physician

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Infection was a huge problem. Doctors thought pus was a good sign. Transferred to people who didn't have it

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Called it:
Laudable Pus

Germ theory

Germ Theory was largely denied in the medical profession until after the war

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Samuel A. Cartwright

Honored for his investigation in yellow fever and Asiatic Cholera.

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Lafayette Guild

Was Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of the Army of Northern Virginia during the Pa. Campaign under Robert E. Lee

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The end

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