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Commedia Dell'Arte

Published on Oct 03, 2016

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Commedia Dell'Arte

By: Aliana Horodeski
Photo by Valentina_A

When was Commedia Dell'Arte created?

Photo by Leo Reynolds

Stock Characters

  • Zanni
  • Capitano
  • Pulcinella
  • Naso Turco
  • Piangi
  • Arlecchino
  • Pantalone
  • Scaramuccia
  • Ride
  • Bauta
  • Tarta
  • Tartagfia
Photo by Tom Banwell

What character I chose

Photo by DonJinTX


Who is Moretta?

  • Moretta is mute
  • She is known as the Dark Lady
  • She is the servant of
  • The color of her mask is originally black but it can be any color

Thank You!

Photo by vistamommy

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