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College Freshman Fun

Published on Mar 23, 2024

Jeff fondled the sides of Mary’s huge tits as there tongues continued to entwine in a passionate kiss. Both of the college freshman were very horny and very turned on by their current situation.

Jeff and Mary were not lovers. As a matter of fact they had just met a few hours ago at their first college party. Both were freshman at Florida State and this party was just a few hours after their parents dropped them off for orientation.

Jeff was immediately attracted to her and loved the way she looked. He loved the appearance of her tight jean skirt on her plump body and that she wore a t-shirt that was probably one size too small which showed the outline of her white lacey bra underneath. Mary was a larger woman. She was about 5’8" and weight almost 200 pounds. The weight did not bother Jeff because he loved the soft curves of her body. He also loved her round face, auburn curly hair, green eyes, and cute smile. As soon as Jeff saw her, he thought she was the most beautiful girl on campus.

They didn’t get in this position by accident or Jeff forcing himself on Mary. Mary was just as attracted to Jeff. He was tall at about 6’2" tall and very well built. His blue eyes, short blonde hair, and cute smile, immediately created butterflies in Mary’s stomach. In fact just moments after they started talking, Mary started to feel that tingle in between her legs that she loves so much.

They talked for about a half hour before catching a few dances. Mary wanted to fuck Jeff but she vowed to her parents she would abstain from sex. How she regretted making that promise to her parents. What was worse is the chastity belt her father put her in a week before leaving. After a few days, Mary found a way to get off while wearing the leather belt but she knew there was no way to get herself fucked.

After heading to Jeff’s room, it didn’t take him long to figure out what Mary was wearing. They were lying in bed kissing while each of them touched every inch of their partner’s body. He just finished up fondling Mary’s breast through her t-shirt when he headed down south. Touching the side of her thigh he slid his hand up her leg until he found the leather device. In shock he moved away and Mary was immediately embarrassed.

She explained the entire story to Jeff and he was very understanding. He figured he was not going to get any tonight but how wrong he was. She closed the conversation with the fact that she can still get off while wearing the leather and steel underwear. Jeff was intrigued and wondered how. She was locked up tight and she had no exposure to her pussy.

Mary pulled Jeff down to her and told him that she would show him how. Spreading her legs they kissed passionately as Jeff started to remove Mary’s cloths. He removed her top and bra. As soon as her huge tits left the restriction of her bra, Jeff leaned over and kissed the soft pink nipple of each breast. Both nipples hardened under the light touch and Mary ached for more. Jeff opened his mouth and sucked each of the nipples one by one in his warm moist mouth. Mary groaned in enjoyment as she felt her pussy tingle and get wetter and wetter. Soon she needed to get herself off.

She got up off the bed and pulled down her jean skirt and threw it on the floor. She looked around the room. There it was as she headed for Jeff’s cloths. She made a pile of clothing on the bed. She proceeded to straddle the pile and buck her hips over the clothing. Her dripping wet aching pussy loved the sensation she could give herself this way.

Jeff watched in amazement as he watched Mary’s boobs bounce while she thrusted her hips on the clothing pile. Her breathing increased and she started to moan louder and louder. Jeff was lying along side of her and he undid his pants and pulled them down exposing his huge cock. Mary looked at the huge meat and fantasized about it being shoved deep inside of her. Jeff stroked his cock as he continued to watch this plump beauty get herself off.

She reached over and grabbed Jeff’s dick. She stroked his cock up and down as he road the pile of clothing. Jeff reached up to grab Mary’s one tit and squeeze it in his hand. The multiple pleasures were too much for Mary to hold on. Bucking up and down on the pile of clothing, she started to moan and scream as the pleasure came over her. It wasn’t as good as a cock stuck into her dripping wet pussy, but the pleasure was all she had for the next four years.

Mary rolled off the pile of cloths and onto the bed. Jeff asked if her orgasm was good and all she said was it was OK. She leaned over and kissed Jeff. Reaching down for his cock she just imagined what it would be like in her. Getting on her knees, she bent over Jeff’s cock and inserted it into her warm moist mouth.

She closed her lips tightly around his swollen meat and bobbed her head up and down on the shaft. Her auburn hair touched Jeff’s leg on the downward stroke and he was able to see her mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft. He felt his cock get harder as the pressure was building in his balls and moving up the shaft. It didn’t take long for his cock to start pulsating and squirting his load into Mary’s mouth. She was a trooper and took swallowing it all. She got up and there was some of Jeff’s cum on the corners of her mouth.

Mary leaned in to kiss Jeff. He felt himself combined with the sweet taste of her mouth as they kissed. She asked him how it was and he told her how great her mouth felt on his cock. They talked a little and both teenagers agreed that his cock needs to be in her pussy. They didn’t know how.

Jeff and Mary dated a few months and helping getting each other off as much as possible. Mary was having a harder time getting off because of a rash she developed down there from masturbating so much. She just couldn’t do it anymore because of how it rubbed her crotch. But what was she to do? She was so damn horny that sex was all she thought about. She could hardly concentrate on her studies and felt she had to choose school or sex.

The pressure was unbelievable. They tried to get her out but there was no way to remove the chastity belt. Mary was so horny and needed a cock in her pussy.

They tried everything including picking the lock and using lubricant to slide Mary out. She was getting desperate that even the thought of having herself cut out was possible. Then she thought how angry her father would be at her. They thought about calling a locksmith but how embarrassing that would be for her. There was just no way to get Mary out.

Mary was feeling so horny that she was getting so desperate. How she dreamed to have a cock slide into her dripping wet pussy. The thought of Jeff’s huge hard cock pushing between her moist pussy lips made her pussy ache. Soon she realized there was no way for that too happen and soon her grades started to slip as she couldn’t concentrate on her school work.

Well Jeff and Mary were out on a date one Friday night when Mary’s dream came true. It started at the Eagle’s Nest, a local bar, where they ran into one of Jeff’s friends. Mike was in the same program as Jeff and they spent many hours studying together. Mike didn’t know about Mary’s situation and he just figured they were fucking on a regular basis.

Well the conversation turned to the occupations of there parents. When it was Mike’s turn, the other two were very surprised. His father was a lock smith!

"Can you pick a pad lock?" asked Mary.

"Sure can, there hasn’t been a padlock that I couldn’t unlock in less than a minute." Mike replied.

"Oh" Mary sighed.

"I may have one for you to unlock" Stated Jeff.

"Sure anytime" Answered Mike.

Mary was shaking her head in the corner in approval. Soon they were headed back to Jeff’s place to have the lock picked.

They arrived back at Jeff’s place and he took Mike into his bedroom. Mary followed.

"Ok, where is it?" asked Mike.

Mary lifted her cotton short flowered dress and exposed her leather underwear to Mike.

"Holy shit. When was the last time you had sex?" Mike laughed.

"A long time" Responded Mary.

"Hmm" Moaned Mike as he looked over the plump curves of the gorgeous woman.

"Well are you going to get her out?" asked Jeff.

"I need paid" responded Mike.

"Anything" answered Mary.

"That’s what I wanted to hear. I want to fuck you." he answered.

Not taking long to respond Mary said, "Yes do it to me twice if you want."

Mike went over to Mary and kissed her on the lips. Her juices were already flowing from the though of getting out. Mike reached around a loosened her bra. He grabbed her gorgeous tits and caressed them in his hands. Squeezing the soft flesh felt good in his hands. He pushed Mary on the bed and moved down to her chastity belt. He pulled a thin wire out of his pocket and in less than 30 seconds the lock clicked open.

He pulled it off of the young woman exposing her pussy for the first time in months. The air against her already moist cunt lips sent waves of pleasure through Mary’s body. Mike reached down and slid his finger between her wet lips. Leaning over he kissed her sweet pussy and then lightly licked the entire length. Mary moaned in pleasure as Mike ate her sweet pussy.

Jeff moved over and kissed his girlfriend on the lips. Moving down he kissed her already erect nipples and placed one in his mouth. He sucked as hard as he could sending waves of pleasure through Mary’s body. It wasn’t long before the dual sensations she was feeling brought her to orgasm. Volts of electricity shot through her body causing her to quiver from the best orgasm of her life.

Jeff continued to suck Mary’s huge tits as Mike removed his close. Kneeling on the bed he positioned himself so his cock aimed right at Mary’s dripping wet hole. He placed the tip on the moist lips and slid his hard meat up and down a few times before pushing the tip into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as she felt her lips spread and his cock move inside her. Mike pushed a little harder and soon the entire length of his rock hard cock was fully inserted into Mary. Mary wrapped her legs around the young stud keeping his cock fully inserted.

They bucked and ground their hips together bringing each other closer to orgasm. Mike felt the young woman’s cunt squeeze onto his shaft as he drilled in and out of her. Both were feeling great pleasure from the fuck they had. At the exact same time Mike felt Mary squeeze his dick as he shot his load into the beautiful woman. He rolled off her to get his breath. Mary cried for more.

At first Jeff thought he could wait but after seeing his pretty girlfriend fucked hard by the man that freed her, he couldn’t wait. He removed his cloths and knelt on the bed where Mike just was. Mary’s pussy was oozing out Mike’s cum but that didn’t stop Jeff from inserting his dick into her pussy. With one fast motion he slid his meat deep inside Mary. She moaned in pleasure feeling the second cock inside her body.

Jeff rammed his erect cock hard into Mary’s chubby body. Leaning down he kissed the beauty while he grabbed and squeezed her D-cup tits. He whispered into Mary’s ear how great it felt on his dick and that he couldn’t wait to shoot his load inside of her. Mary was begging and yelling for more.

Jeff was on the verge of cumming. He didn’t want to cum yet and wanted to take her from behind. He slid his cock out of Mary’s pussy and pulled her up by the arms. She knew what he wanted and positioned herself on her knees. Kneeling behind her, Jeff slid his cock in one motion deep inside Mary’s body. Grabbing Mary’s hips, Jeff guided her body so his cock slid in and out of her body.

Mike watched the whole time and soon was getting erect. He got up and stood in front of Mary. Mary reached out and grabbed his cock and guided it to her mouth. She opened her and sucked Mike trying to bring him to orgasm.

Jeff pumped in and out of Mary. The full length of his erect penis was inside her body when she started to quiver from another orgasm. Ramming it in fast ad hard as he could, Mary screamed in intense pleasure from the mind blowing orgasm she was receiving. Jeff wasn’t able to take much more himself and his cock squirting the chubby girl full of his cum. Soon his cock went limp and slid out of Mary’s tight pussy.

Mike was hard and ready for another turn. He layed on the bed and the chubby girl stood on the bed above him. She lowered herself down squatting over his huge erect cock. Grabbing the tool, she lowered herself onto his throbbing meat. She road his cock cowgirl style grinding her hips against Mikes dick.

Jeff stood on the bed and forced Mary to suck his cock. She did so pretty willingly and soon his cock was erect and he wanted to fuck Mary again. He thought he could wait his turn but being anxious got up and positioned himself behind Mary. He bent the cubby woman over giving her ass full exposure as Mike was ramming his cock into her other hole.

Mike grabbed the girl and kissed her as he fondled her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Jeff placed the tip of his cock on her ass and forced the tip into her tight hole. The lubricant from her pussy had run to her ass which made the insertion not too hard. Forcing his dick in farther, he was able to achieve the entire length into the tight hole. Mary was screaming in a combination of pain and pleasure as two of her holes were getting fucked.

Nobody will ever know who came first. It could have been Mike getting fucked for a long time from the plump girl riding him. It could have been Mary having two of her pleasure holes filled with cock. Maybe it was Jeff because of the tight pressure of her ass on his dick. Doesn’t really matter except that it was like a chain reaction when they all started to cum. All three college students were moaning, grunting, and yelling as they moved faster and faster into a very intense orgasm. It was probably the best of their young lives.

They all fell off onto the bed very exhausted yet very satisfied. It has been a long time since Mary had an orgasm and the boys were turned on so much watching the motion of the fat girl getting drilled with the others cock.

They rested on the bed all sweated and out of breath. As their breathing subsided, Mike got up to clean himsleft up and get dressed. Mary was so out of it, she didn’t feel Mike put the chastity belt onto Mary. Both Mary and Jeff heard the click of the lock.

"What the fuck are you doing man" asked Jeff.

"I am keeping her locked up for us, you know so see doesn’t stray", replied Mike.

He continued to explain he wanted a dedicated fuck the next 4 years so he didn’t have the worries of hooking up and could concentrate on his studies. Jeff was about to argue when he decided that Mike had the power and he better not say anything.

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