Coaching Program For Mompreneurs

Published on Nov 18, 2015

I believe moms will change the world! Live a life you love, and build your business by design so you can earn income, hold onto flexibility and do what you love!


Are you a small biz owner?

I'm Cena Block, Coach & Life Balance Strategist 

My story is simple

and probably a bit like yours...
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I loved my career!

I worked in training and organization performance

I travelled a lot and had a national team

(back when there were corporate expense accounts ;-)
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And then a miracle happened...

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I became a mom!

I never thought it would be so good

And my priorities changed

boy, did they ever...

But balancing was a juggling act!

running, exhaustion & guilt to name a few

I didn't like the stress and angst

like having to travel when my babies were sick!
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So, I started to say NO to things

like travel and endless work days
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But... we 'restructured!'

Yep, I lost my corporate job

So I learned to be an at home mom

(and played a lot more...)

but I got restless

and bored, and needed to contribute more...

I wanted to share my skills

Help people and make a difference...

So I launched my (starter) business - Organizing, Training & Productivity
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And though I felt called to help others

It was hard working with people & clutter...

I wanted to support other moms

to create a biz within a family-centered life!

And I wanted to save others

the money, time and struggles I went through
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So I created a program

with everything I wish I had when I started...

A Business Training Mastermind

with expert coaching, guidance, support & collaboration
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Featuring successful guest experts!

(in the areas that matter to your success!)

So you can profit from your dream business

within the time you want to work!

Learn More & Enroll Today!

Mompreneurs in the first five years of business - The group program you've been looking for: The Magnificent Mompreneur Mastermind Academy!

Your path to success awaits!