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CNVO Startup Summit

Published on Jun 28, 2016

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CNVO Startup Summit

One Weekend of Success


  • Over 200 people attended 3 sessions of Weekend Startup School but we want to give access to EVERYONE
  • CNVO Startup Success Weekend is a Virtual Summit with the biggest and most diverse list of speakers around.
  • Let's Take This Journey Together!
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How It Works

  • 10 Startup Founder
  • 10 Amazing Interviews
  • 1 Amazing Weekend of Learning
  • Get access to the all-access pass on CNVO.com for in-depth learning and more

What People Will Learn

  • How to focus in on an idea
  • How to move people to action
  • How to build a successful startup
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Major Keysnotes

  • Paul C. Brunson
  • Jesse Williams
  • Katheryn Finney
  • Rodney Williams (Lisnr)
  • DJ Khaled
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Major Keysnotes

  • Kevin Curry (FitMenCook)
  • Nick Cannon
  • Stephanie Lampkin (Blendoor)
  • Angela Benton (NewMe)
  • Katheryn Finney (Digital Undivided)
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  • The Secret Life of Paul C. Brunson
  • Be the Change
  • Starting your Path
  • Creating Your Product
  • Marketing Your Product


  • Creating Product Extensions
  • Going Big with your Busines
  • Distrupting Your Industry
  • Real Talk on Getting Funding
  • Challenges in Today's Market