Cliff Hanger Time Management Style

Published on Jul 31, 2018

Manage Time Your Way! You can master time your way!

To do so, you need to know your own time management personality style, then prioritize, manage and take action according to your time personality preferences.

There are 6 Time Management Personality Styles! What are yours?

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Cliff Hanger Time Style

time management personalities that make sense

Do you wait till the last minute

to make decisions?
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Is it hard to get focussed when you have
little to do?

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do you procrastinate often?

and wait for inspiration?

Do you arrive late?

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Do you miss deadlines because you start late?

Do you miss appointments?

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You may have a
Cliff Hanger Style of
Managing Time

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Effective Time Strategies

For Cliff Hanger Time Style Personalities

Be time accountable

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Set them for every larger project
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Avoid Distractions

Stick to task and avoid the 'rabbit holes'!
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Double It

Guesstimate how long things take, then double it!

Realistic time

time yourself so you know how long things actually take!

Backward Plan

create 'done by' dates project sub tasks

Discover your Time Management Style!
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