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Claustrophobic Client

Published on Nov 20, 2015

A description for a Claustrophobic Client. Made for a school project.



The Not-so-compact life of a 
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About the Client:
Claustrophobic, Which he developed as a child while he lived in an orphanage. Currently mentally unstable, Loves being outdoors, Tends to keep a strict schedule and plans all his events out the day before. He endures daily panic attacks caused by his memories at the orphanage, His companion, a female Yorkshire Terrier named Boogles is an incognito service dog given to him to help relieve the effects of the panic attacks. He managed to start his first career (Maintenance Worker) through a fund my life campaign started by the orphanage. Today, he is unable to find a soul mate due to his chronic conditions, but nevertheless still manages to live on top (Career wise).

Current Occupation:
Supervisor of the Trinity River. Oversees Park Activity.
(Currently Head Of Operations)

Current Accommodations:
Currently lives in the W Dallas condos which he renovated to suit his needs. He had walls of windows put in to remove the feeling of being enclosed in a white box. Also had all the interior doors removed to eliminate the feeling of being trapped.

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Client Expectations:
The Client Expects High Ceilings to accommodate his towering height of 6'5. Because of this, it makes the world around him seem very small, all the while unfortunately feeding his claustrophobia, He also expects a High-end All glass structure with as little interior doors as possible. He also requests that no space (including bathrooms) to be less than a 5'x5' square. To keep his companion happy he also asked for a sufficient amount of properly landscaped yard space for Boogles.

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