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Circular Reasoning

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Circular Reasoning

Catherine Wishart, Sr. Adjunct Instructor
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What is circular reasoning?

Circular reasoning is when:

  • You claim something without proof
  • You start and end with the same point
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Ways to Explain Circular Reasoning

  • it assumes what it seeks to establish
  • presupposes the truth of what it sets out to prove
  • it takes for granted the very claim that it sets out to establish (LSAT).
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  • "You can't give me a 'C'! I'm an 'A' student!" (Bennett).
  • George Washington is the most successful president we've ever had. Why?
  • He's the best president in history.
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Religious Examples:

  • "The belief in God is universal. After all, everyone believes in God" (Nizkor)
  • The Bible is perfect because it is God's word.
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Dilbert & Circular Reasoning

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