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Christmas in new Zealand

Published on Nov 30, 2015

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Christmas in new Zealand

merry Christmas
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  • Christmas is spent going to the beach or going camping.
  • Instead of going house to house, New Zealanders do Christmas Caroling in the park.
  • Cities have competitions on who has the best decorated house.
  • Cities celebrate the holidays with local parades.
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Holiday foods

  • Hangi: A type of cooking underground.
  • Pavlova: A plum pudding covered in seasonal fruits.
  • Minced pie: A handsized meat pie filled with minced meat and gravy, vegestables, and cheese.
  • Keke: A deep fried dough, rolled in sugar.
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new Zealand language

  • English and Maori are the primary languages spoken in New Zealand.
  • Meri Kirihimete is how you say "Merry Christmas" in Maori.

Important characters

  • Santa Claus is called Father Christmas.
  • In stead of the Christmas tree of holly and ivy, the “Pōhutukawa” tree is used, which usually blossoms around late December.

Holiday weather

  • December is during New Zealand's Summer Season
  • Some New Zealanders choose to celebrate Christmas in July, during their Winter Season.
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