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Chase Schofield

Published on Dec 29, 2019


Bruce went over the script with the three actors. He told Eric that he was to appear nervous and keep his clothes on even after Ricky and Mindy stripped. He was to act apprehensive when they invited him into their bed. The set was a bedroom with a large bed and furniture.

"Got it?" Bruce asked them.

They all nodded but Eric was clearly nervous this time, not knowing what to exactly expect. Them Ricky began the scene and the Director yelled action.

"Eric, Mindy and I would like you to share our bed with us today."

"I don't know what to say."

"Say yes, I love to be with two men. Eric just be yourself."

Ricky and Mindy undressed and hung up their clothes. Eric stared at the two look alikes and he was still amazed how much they resembled one another. Except for Ricky having a cock and Mindy having a pussy they were almost identical. They both had slim curvy bodies that were virtually hairless and they both had smooth unblemished skin. Mindy had very small tits and she was almost flat chested. They both had blonde pubic hair that looked more like peach fuzz. Mindy teased him.

"Eric, are you going to come to bed with your clothes on?"

Eric had played it perfect, looking confused and nervous. He quickly took his clothes off and folded them neatly in the nearby chair. The couple approached Eric and they both ran their hands over his body. Eric was hard in an instant and then Mindy cooed.

"Oh Ricky, look his lovely cock got hard already."

Mindy told Eric to get in bed and lay on his back. She knelt between Eric's legs and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked Eric's cock and caressed his achy balls. Mindy was a very accomplished cock sucker and she was able to take Eric deep in her mouth. He was convinced that he could feel his cock at the back of her throat. Mindy seemed to have the ability to massage Eric's cock head with her throat muscles and she soon had Eric racing toward an orgasm. He held her head with his fingers entwined in her blonde hair as he began to face fuck her. Mindy was every bit as good a cocksucker as Ricky.

Eric looked over at Ricky sporting an average size boner. Ricky knelt behind his wife and slipped his cock into her. Mindy never stopped working on Eric's cock while her husband fucked her. Mindy reached under the scrotum and lightly touched his perineum which drove him wild. Eric lay back on the bed and watched Ricky fuck his wife. Ricky's body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. He pulled out and ejaculated on her bottom. Mindy leaned back as he came which caused her small tits and hard nipples to stand out. She definitely had cute tits even though they were small. Her nipples stood out like little dicks they were so hard.

Eric was rock hard and Mindy told him to fuck her. Mindy lifted her legs and presented her pussy to Eric and he pushed his cock against her labia allowing it to slide into her warm passage. She gasped as the cock nestled into her vaginal passage for the first time. The previous time he had fucked her ass.

Ricky moved up to Mindy's head and stuck his dick in his wife's mouth. Eric fucked her slowly at first and then he picked up the pace. Mindy used her vaginal muscles to tighten her pussy and she massaged the thick cock by clenching and unclenching them. Eric felt his release travel from his balls up through his dick as he shot wads of cum onto Mindy's slender body. The load was huge and hit her face, hair, tits and abs. Eric grabbed her small firm tits and let the rock-hard nipples slip between his fingers as Mindy cried out.

"I'm going to cum too."

Ricky pulled his cock from his wife's mouth and slid down her body to her pussy. Ricky covered his wife's pussy with his mouth just in time to catch all her love juice. Her body thrashed around as she orgasmed and came in her husband's mouth. Mindy lifted her hips off the bed as Ricky sucked every drop of the juices from his wife's pussy. The three of them remained silent and rested for several few minutes and then the director said he wanted two cocks in Mindy at the same time.

"Does anyone need a break or can we go?"

They all agreed that they could go on without a break. Mindy worked on Eric's cock until it was erect again and then she mounted him lowering her pussy onto the stiff shaft. Mindy cooed as Ricky worked his fingers in and out of her anus lubricating it for his cock. Then he lined up his cock and slipped it right in her hot ass. Mindy sighed as the hard cock entered her ass and her husband fucked her slowly. Eric could feel Ricky's smaller erect cock through her membrane. Ricky didn't last long and he pulled out and came on his wife's ass. Bruce called out for Eric to fuck Mindy's ass.

Mindy got back on all fours. Ricky handed Eric the lube and he put an ample amount on his cock making it as slippery as possible. He eased his cock into the sweet ass and she tensed up when she felt the larger cock at the entrance. Eric was pleased to be fucking her ass again. He held her hips and slowly pushed his cock in her rectum. She placed a hand on his thigh and went off script saying.

"Oh easy, go easy, let me get used to you. Remember how big you are. Not too deep at first, please."

Mindy loosened up gradually and as she did more of the big cock slipped into her bottom. Soon with patience and steady strokes Eric was fully imbedded in her ass. She grunted as he picked up the pace and drove his cock home with each stroke. Eric looked at her beautiful ass as he fucked her. He excitedly watched his cock slide in and out of the lovely bottom and he felt his ejaculation building in his balls.

As much as he wanted to cum in her ass, he remembered to pull out. He unleashed a huge ejaculation onto her back and buttocks. He vaguely heard the director remind him to put his cock back in her ass. He re-entered her and she gripped the thick shaft in her rectum. Her back and buttocks were drenched with semen.

Mindy was reaching between her legs to finger her own pussy. Ricky rolled her over and knelt between her legs and lowered his face to her pussy. Eric's cock slipped out as she rolled to her back. Mindy had a quick orgasm and humped her pussy up into her husband's face. She coated Ricky's face with her pussy juice as she thrashed about on the bed. Eric was still hard so he moved up and slipped his cock into Ricky's ass. Bruce yelled from his chair.

"Cut, cut, holy shit was that something. Okay you three that's it for today. Tomorrow, we'll film another scene. It will be with you three waking up in the morning in bed together. Alright, everyone that's a wrap."

"You did great Eric. Mindy and I like working with you."

"Thanks, you two are pretty special."

They showered dressed and left the studio. Eric had a bite to eat and then went to the library to finish up his homework as he had class Tuesday night. He got home just as Traci was leaving for work and he told her that he had another shoot in the morning. That night he got more studying done and afterward slept in his bedroom. Sex between him and Traci had pretty much happened on Thursday and Sunday her days off. They had both become comfortable with that arrangement.


It was a very straight forward script for the Tuesday shoot. The three were in bed and would have sex. It would begin with Ricky fucking Mindy which wakes Eric up and then he joins in. Ricky had his back to Eric as he fucked Mindy from behind. Eric decided to get in on the action. His cock was hard so he moved it to Ricky's ass and touched the anus with the head of his cock. Ricky reached back and guided the cock into his well-lubed ass and then he resumed fucking his wife. Eric didn't have to move much since Ricky's fucking motion caused his ass to slide back and forth on Eric's cock.

Ricky's sphincter tightened around Eric's cock as he ejaculated onto his wife's thigh. Eric was not done and he picked up the pace and fucked Ricky with more urgency. Then he ejaculated on the shapely bottom and pushed his cock back in the receptive ass. Ricky cooed and moaned when he felt the semen shoot onto him. The three of them then acted as if they went back to sleep.


Later after a break, Mindy was on all fours sucking her husband's cock with Eric in her ass. Ricky came on her face and Eric on her lovely ass. Lastly it was Ricky's turn and he are his wife's pussy while Eric fucked his ass. Mindy juiced her husband's face and Eric shot his load onto Ricky's buttocks. That was it for the day. The Director told Eric that he didn't need him again until Saturday. In a way Eric was glad that he had a few days off.

He followed the routine on getting a bite to eat, going to the library and then getting home before Traci left for work. He had class that night. After class he slept in his own bedroom. Traci got home late as always and went right to sleep.


On Wednesday morning, Eric decided to go to the fitness center since he didn't have to work that morning. He was pleased when he saw Barbara and Susan there that morning. They smiled at him as they all went through their individual workouts. After his workout Eric went to the jacuzzi in hopes of hooking up with Barbara and Susan but they never showed up.

He was about to leave when a very shapely young woman arrived, except it wasn't a woman. It was very attractive effeminate guy. As he sauntered over to the jacuzzi, Eric was convinced the young man was gay. His gait and mannerisms were obvious and he didn't mind showing off. He got in the jacuzzi and smiled at Eric.

"Hi, I'm Trevor."

"Hello Trevor, Eric here."

"Yes, I know your name. If you're waiting for Barbara and Susan they left already."

"How did you know that I was waiting for them?"


"I saw you with them the last time you were here. I'm guessing you fucked them, all the new members do."


"Yes, it's a thing for them. Usually it's a one-time thing so don't take it personal."

"I won't. Thanks for cluing me in."

"My pleasure! If you hoping to get laid today, I could help. I can make you feel happy."

"Really, right here?"

"No let's go in the steam room. If anyone does come, they won't see us in there."

"Sure, why not.?"

Eric liked the looks of Trevor and he reminded him of Scotty, slender body with a nice curvy ass. They grabbed towels and entered the steam room. Eric noticed that Trevor had taken something from his bag and he guessed it might be lubricant. Trevor turned on the water and the steam quickly filled the room. Trever took off his swimsuit and Eric admired the lovely ass. Eric removed his shorts and Trevor gawked at the large cock.

Trevor sat on the tile bench seat and pulled Eric by the hips toward him. He immediately took the semi-hard cock in his mouth and within seconds, Eric had a full erection. Trevor was good and he was able to take six inches in his mouth without gagging. Eric was ready to cum quicker than expected and he warned Trevor.

Trevor took the cock from his mouth and stroked it. He pointed it away from his body and watched as Eric ejaculated shooting his load on the tile floor. Six streams with the first three being massive shot out of the spurting cock. Trevor squeezed more cum out and then he took the cock back in his mouth. He sucked Eric keeping him hard and them spoke softly.

"Would you like to fuck me now? I douched my ass this morning. I'm clean back there."

"You bet; I'd like to fuck that sweet ass of yours."

"Good, thanks for warning me earlier that you were going to cum. That was some load."

Trevor placed a towel on the tile bench seat and then he knelt on it. He used the lube he had to grease his bottom and then handed it to Eric. Using the lube, he lubed his cock and then moved into position. Pressing forward, the big dick slowly entered the scrumptious ass. Trevor groaned and whispered.

"Oh my, you certainly know you have something in you when your cock is in there."

Eric caressed the lovely cheeks and found them to be super smooth. Perspiration from the steam made their skin even slicker. As always, Eric loved the sight of his cock sliding in and out of a perfectly shaped ass. Trevor had an erection and he stroked it as he was fucked with the thick cock.

"Eric, would you hold my cock?"

Eric reached around and grasped the five-inch slender shaft and masturbated the pretty gay as he fucked him. Trevor came first and shot his load onto the bench seat. When Eric came, he flooded the receptive ass, surprising Trevor with the force and volume of his ejaculation.

"Oh wow, I never thought you would cum that much a second time."

"I can usually shoot big loads the first two times."

"I'm going back to the jacuzzi to douche my ass."

Trevor wrapped the towel around his waist and peeked out of the steam room. No one was around, so he made a dash for the jacuzzi carrying his swimsuit. Eric put his shorts back on and joined Trevor in the jacuzzi. The slender good-looking young man moved his ass around to a forceful jet and let it douche his ass. Once he felt clean, he slipped his swim suit back on and relaxed in the warm water. Minutes later they were showering in the locker room and then got dressed.

"Eric, I'm usually here Wednesday mornings in case you want to hook up again."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Eric then grabbed some lunch and went to the library again to study. He had a lot of work to do so he called Traci and told her he was going right to school from the library. She thanked him for the call and told him to sleep in her bed that night. She wanted to wake up with him in the morning.


Eric woke up with his piss hard-on that Thursday morning which was not unusual for the 18-year-old hunk. He remained in bed for a few minutes before heading for the bathroom. He looked over at the tender beauty in bed with him. The pretty ladyboy was lying on her stomach with one leg lightly tucked up underneath her. The posture emphasized the shape of the perfect ass. The same ass that Eric had fucked countless times.

With the pressure in his bladder nearly unbearable Eric finally rolled his muscular frame out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. Once he relieved himself and washed up, he returned to his bedroom and studied the slender flawless body in bed. The skin was smooth and without a blemish on it.

Traci's ass was to die for and Eric loved fucking the pretty ladyboy. When he was kneeling behind Traci with his big dick in the shapely bottom, it was a very erotic sight. He loved watching his cock slide in and out between the sweet cheeks. Now as he studied the desirable ass, his cock stiffened without being touched.

He made his way back to bed and took the lubricant off the night stand. He stood near the bed stroking his cock and staring at the lovely ass. Most young women would love to have an ass like Traci's. Eric thought back to when he first became comfortable fucking the cute gay guys, Scotty, Leland and others. Just then Traci rolled to her side and Eric decided to give her a wakeup call. He got in bed on his side behind the pretty ladyboy. He applied more lube making his cock very slick and then he eased it into the scrumptious ass.

Traci woke up when she felt the anal penetration and whispered, "This is my favorite position."

It was Eric's second favorite position for anal sex. His favorite position was with Traci on all fours with her curvy bubble butt in the air. Eric began moving slowly in and out of his pretty roommate and Traci guided Eric's hand to her cock. Eric grasped the smaller cock in his big hand and stroked it while he fucked the lovely Traci. Eric was in no hurry as he loved being in the sweet ass and he always tried to prolong his ejaculation.

They stayed coupled in the spoon position for nearly a half hour. Traci came first and then Eric filled her rectum with his seed. Traci loved the feeling of cum shooting into her and Eric always produced large loads especially the first of the day. They stopped moving and Eric let his cock soften in the gripping ass and slip out on its own. Traci cooed when the big dick slid out of her ass.

"I'm going to put some coffee on," Eric said as he rolled out of bed and playfully slapped Traci on her butt.

On the way to the kitchen, he checked the weather and it was raining. He would be in all day and since he didn't have plans for Thursday, he expected he would fuck Traci as often as he could until he wouldn't be able to cum anymore. The coffee was ready so Eric poured two cups and brought them to the bedroom. Traci sat up in bed not bothering to cover herself displaying her cute titties. The two of them sat naked on the bed having their morning coffee.

"It's still raining and it looks like it will all day."

"Are there thunderstorms?"

"No just a steady rain but that takes care of any outside activities."

"Let's go to wine country and have lunch there too. It won't be crowded with the rain."

"Sure we could do that, after breakfast let's head there."

"But before breakfast I want you to fuck me again. I want to feel that marvelous cock in my ass. Massage my ass and lubricate me."

They put the coffee cups down, Traci rolled over on her belly and Eric began to massage the curvy ass. He worked it just as he had any asses, he had butt fucked. He lovingly massaged the shapely buttocks and lubricated the rubbery ring. Eric put one then two fingers in her and finger fucked her for several minutes.

"I'm ready for you Eric."

Staring the entire time at the beautiful curvy ass, Eric got up on the bed and lowered his body onto Traci. He held his erect cock in his hand and guided to puckered rubbery ring. Traci held her breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened up her anus and stretched the sphincter for a second time that morning. Eric was thoughtful and gentle as he always was and slowly penetrated his lover. The ass opened up and welcomed the impressive cock into the warm snug passage. Eric held still and let Traci move under him before he began to fuck her with long steady deliberate strokes.

The two of them moved together just as they had many times before. Traci rose up slightly on her knees while keeping her chest pressed against the bed. This move always accentuated the round shape of her lovely ass, a sight that Eric loved. He liked the feel of the curvy buttocks against his body as he drove his cock all the way home. Traci groaned repeatedly each time Eric buried his cock in her receptive ass.

Every time Eric drove his cock into the sweet bottom, Traci lifted her hips to receive the cock. They fucked slowly and maintained their rhythm and Eric wrapped his arms around Traci's upper body and fondled her small firm tits. Their bodies pressed together as they made love. He was so wrapped up fucking the hot curvy ass that his ejaculation snuck up on him. As much as he tried to prolong the discharge, he shot another massive load into Traci's rectum.

Traci groaned aloud when she felt the first stream shoot into her followed by several more streams. He moved his hips in and out as he ejaculated until he was nearly drained. He pressed his body into Traci and remained still as Traci clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle around the thick shaft. Eric was still hard when he removed his cock. Traci turned over and took a hold of his own erection and stroked it in search of her release. Eric watched the pretty ladyboy jerk off.

He then moved back to Traci who lifted her legs to receive the stiff cock. He eased his cock back into the well lubed passage and began to fuck her again. Traci stroked her cock as Eric fucked her. He watched as Traci closed her eyes and felt the sphincter tighten around his cock as she ejaculated. The load shot out in four or five streams and landed on her titties, abs and pubes.



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