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Chapter 16 Vocab

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Takayla Rose

Zachary Taylor
Define: Zachary Taylor was a general.
Sentence: Taylor's troops arrived along the Rio Grande in March 1846, they discovered Mexican troops camped across the river.

John S. "Rip" Ford
Sentence: The Rangers' fame as fighters spread quickly. Several Rangers including John S. "Rip" ford, jack coffee hays and etc were recognized for their leadership and bravery.

Define: a coward troop advantage.
Sentence: after winning a few battles in Texas, Taylor began an offensive.

Winfield Scott
Scott was the new commander Sentence: Scott ordered a massive attack on the city.

Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo
Define: on February 2, 1848, diplomats from the two countries signed the treaty of Guadeloupe hidalgo
Sentence: the treaty of Guadeloupe hidalgo officially ended the Mexican war.

Mexican Cession
Define: the Mexican cession also raised questions about the borders of Texas.
Sentence: Mexican Cession were to be granted all the rights of U.S. citizenship.

Compromise of 1850
Sentence: Senator Henry Clay's plan was called the Compromise of 1850.

Define: areas of land reserved for American Indians.
Sentence: The U.S. government planned to move the Texas Indians onto reservations.

Robert S. Neighbors
Sentence: Robert S. Neighbors had hoped that the Indians on reservations would be treated fairly.