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Changing Your Financial Future

Published on Nov 22, 2015

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Changing Your Financial Future

Four things about David Ankrah

  • Author of two books on personal finance: "Seeds" and "Don't Do What I Did"
  • 10+ years working in and around finance
  • A fan of seeing people happy and enjoying life
  • Not a fan of how so many people seem to be squeezed financially so I empower people to change their financial future

You can do four basic things with money

  • Make It
  • Spend It
  • Leave It Somewhere
  • Give It Away
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There are four basic ways to make money

  • Be An Employee
  • Become Self Employed
  • Start/Own A Business
  • Invest
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Before You Start To Make More Money

  • Understand the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Understand Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil
  • Understand 'Rich People' are not greedy. Greedy people are greedy
  • Understand your spending habits and get them under total control

Four areas to consider financially

  • Working Out, Monitoring And Increasing Your Cashflow
  • Protecting Your Assets And Lifetime Income
  • Getting Debt Under Control And Then Freeing Yourself From It
  • Empowering Others To Do The Same
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A free 20 step program is available for you to start today.


20 Steps To Grow Your Bank Balance
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