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Case Study

Published on May 03, 2016

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Case Study

Jessica Wood - P3.A13
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Student Summary

  • Jainesty if a 4th grade student who arrived to the United States in September 2015. This is her first experience in a U.S. school. She is coded as a 1A and just recently began receiving services.
  • Proficient in Speaking
  • Non-proficient in Listening and Writing
  • Approaching Proficient in Reading
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Error Analysis

  • Difficulty using the correct vowel in words and/or using too many vowels to represent a sound.
  • "wount" (won't)
  • "beins" (beans)
  • "rais" (rice)
  • "becuse" (because)
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Error Analysis

  • Spelling of diagraphs.
  • "brouthgt" (brought)
  • "whith" (with)
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Error Analysis

  • Spelling of r-controlled vowels.
  • "wor" (were)
  • "wamer" (warmer)
  • "harther" (harder)
  • "Peaghaf" (paragraph)
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Instructional Strategies

  • Teach each short vowel sound with a gesture.
  • Vowel Tent Activites
  • Elkonin Boxes
  • Use a familiar text to identify words with r-controlled vowels.
  • Vowel-R Team Activities
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Connection to Arctell

  • Factors affecting 2nd langauge acquistion.
  • Morphology
  • Phonology
  • Writing Content and Language Objectives
  • Differentiation
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