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Capital PUnishment

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Capital PUnishment

Alicia Contreras


  • The cost of an execution is overwhelming
  • It leaves room for a innocent person to be excuted
  • To kill someone for killing someone is a contradiction in itself 
  • It's inhumane and barbaic
  • It does deteriorate or lower crime rates  


  • Eye for an eye
  • Not a a deterrent but neither is life behind bars
  • Modern crime science can now lower the chance of uncertainty
  • Gives closure to victims famlies

Preferred Punishment for Murder


  • Closure shouldn't be recieved through another persons death
  • When people are committing crime the consequences do not cross their mind
  • Even with modern technology there's still room for major error
  • There has been reports of botched excutions 
  • The drugs they use are extremely hard to find and expensive


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