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Published on Nov 24, 2015

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Miles Schneider ANTH2030 Week 9
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  • Word comes from W. Indies cannibal tribe
  • May be cultural
  • May be a result of famine
  • May be a result of mental illness
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  • Eating of a person from the same community
  • Often ritualized, part of funeral proceedings
  • Can be a result of famine - Donner Party
  • But often a result of cultural practices and not starvation
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  • Monsters - Wendigo, Lamia, Baba Yaga
  • Repeated meme in Greek mythology
  • Appearance in myth may be result of environmental conditions
  • Commonly a taboo, in Greek myths it often results in divine punishment
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  • Causes brain disease - Kuru (the shakes)
  • Promotes conflict with other tribes
  • Promotes internal conflict when other tribes run dry
  • Though, genes resistant to Kuru are common around the world
  • Spread of disease through consumption of diseased matter
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So, if you are in a post-apocalyptic wilderness or other strange land and you are invited in for tea by people who have 'the shakes' BEWARE!