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Camp chapter one updated

Published on Feb 23, 2024

..Jonah tell her you choose me"

Alexis: "Jonah sweetie will you please tell this thing you choose me"

Jonah opened his mouth to tell them his choice but decided against it, he wasn't going to choose either of them, he hated how they always made it a competition to see who could get his attention more, this time neither would get his attention though, instead he stood up and walked over to the door, with one last look at both of them he opened it and walked out

Celeste:- "Jonah come back"

Celeste ran to the door but it was too late, she saw jonah running down to the battlefield, she knew that was his favourite place to go when he wanted to be left alone, he didn't have his sword but she guessed he would borrow one

Alexis:- "See what you did, you made him leave"

Celeste:- "I made him leave, he was about to open up and tell me what was wrong but you walked in and ruined it"

Alexis:- "I ruined it, i doubt he would of opened up to you, probably was just waiting for me as we both know he likes me better"

Celeste:- "That's where you're wrong, he likes me better and we both know that"

She turned away before Alexis could say anything else to her, ever since jonah had saved her from nearly been killed by the lycanthrope (werewolf) she had started developing feelings for him, she never told him cause she knew he didn't like her back or so she thought, she knew the best way to prove her theory of Jonah liking her was to find him and talk to him, she was about to walk out the door when she decided against it and turned back to Alexis

Celeste:- "You know something, you always ruin everything, since day one you have been trying to seperate me and Jonah, you're just jealous, you can't handle that me and him are closer than anyone else in this camp"

With that she walked out the cabin making sure to slam the door behind her just to mainly block out any protest Alexis could of made, she instantly began walking towards the battlefield when she realised she had forgotten something, her dagger was still outside Jonah's cabin, she quickly walked back and picked it up before beginning again her walk to the battlefield, it was a pretty short walk there and before long she noticed Jonah, it wasn't exactly hard to find him as he was the only one there, she noticed he was practising his sword fighting techniques on the straw dummy's, he must of borrowed a sword, shame he didn't borrow some armor, he was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts, the stuff he must of slept in, Celeste always loved watching him practice, over the years she had watched him go from been a guy who could barely swing a sword to someone who seemed to be a master with it

Celeste: "Jonah, can we talk"

Jonah turned around, as soon as he saw her he turned away from her and went back to his practice, he didn't want to talk to her now, he just wanted to be left alone

Celeste:- "Jonah please, i'm sorry for how things have been, i'm sorry for the arguing"

Jonah:- "What's the point in apologising for something that you will just do again"

Celeste:- "But.."

Jonah:- "No, i give up, just leave me alone okay"

Instead of doing what he asked Celeste chose to do the opposite, she walked up to him until she was right behind him and layed one hand on his shoulder, this caused him to drop his sword, he turned to face her and she could see the tears streaming down his cheeks

Celeste: "Oh jonah please don't cry"

She went for a hug but was a little surprised when Jonah stepped away from her, normally Jonah would take a thousand hug's but now, she knew that whatever was bothering him was a little more serious than usual

Celeste: "Jonah what is wrong, come on you can tell me, you can always tell me anything"

Jonah: "It's just, it's nothing"

Celeste: "Jonah..."

Jonah just stood there looking at celeste, he admired how much she cared for him, how much she looked after him and how much she was there for him willing to fight by his side no matter what

Celeste: "Jonah what's wrong"

Jonah knew she wouldn't leave him alone about it until he told her, he didn't want to let her know why he was upset, didn't want her to be burdend by his problems, he had to get away from her for now, make sure she couldn't find him and hope she'd leave it when she did, he quickly pulled away from the hug and turned to run when he heard crying, he turned round and saw celeste had dropped to her knee's in tears

Jonah: "Celeste what's wrong, please dont cry"

Seeing her cry was one of his worst nightmares, he could handle people crying until it came to Celeste, he wanted to protect her with all he had, he wanted to look after her and make her smile all the time

Jonah: "Celeste..."

She stared at him, tears still streaming down her cheeks, tears always worked with Jonah and she knew it

Celeste: "It's...it's...it's you, you wont talk to me, you wont tell me whats wrong, what have i done wrong"

Jonah grabbed her hand, he dared take one glance into her eyes, what he saw was the thing he didn't want to see, she was hurting and he was causing it, not in a physical way but in an emotional way

Jonah: "Its not you, you have done nothing wrong, its just i dont know, i dont want to talk about it, its stupid"

Celeste: "Tell me please"

Jonah looked around nervously, he was trying to think of a way to get out of it, seeing no opportunitys he knew he had no choice but to tell her

Jonah: "Erm...okay so well...its aditi he told me i have to do another quest, i dont want to do it not after last time"

Celeste remembered back to the last time they went on a quest, it was their first year there and Aditi had told them both they must go on a quest to rescue their friend who was taken by the lycanthrope, they both battled hard but was too late to save their friend, he was killed by the lycanthrope

Celeste: "Oh Jonah...if you have to do it ill come with you"

Jonah looked at her, he couldnt risk losing her aswell, one friend to him was beyond devastating, losing Celeste would be like losing family, of course Jonah knew how that felt and he didn't want to have to feel that pain again

Jonah: "NO! you will stay here, i must do this one alone"

Celeste: "Jonah, please we're a team, we always have been, we can go on this together"

Jonah looked at her intensly, he knew she would pressure him into letting her go, he knew unless he could find a way to make her see that he didn't want her with him, no he did want her but he didn't want to see her get hurt, if he couldn't find a way he would have to tell her the one thing he didn't want to, tell her that she could join him, he couldn't do that

Jonah: "No Celeste, im sorry but i cant let you come with me"

Celeste let out a sigh, she stared into jonah's eyes as if trying to plead with him, she had known Jonah since day one and she knew all his weaknesses, she knew she could find a way around it and get him to agree to letting her go

Celeste: "You aint going without me, im not losing you, like it or not you are the only person i care about, how do you think it would be if you went and never came back, how do you think i would feel if i never saw you again"

Jonah: "Celeste..."

Celeste: "NO! jonah no im not letting you go without me, i dont want to lose you, i'm not sure what i'd do if you got hurt or worse"

Jonah: "Celeste please..."

Celeste: "NO! jonah im not letting you, me and you are a team, we always do things together you and me"

Jonah: "I know we do but this time is different"

Celeste looked at him, she was puzzled, they always went off and did things together, why was this time so different, what had changed since the last time they went off on a little quest together

Celeste: "Why is it jonah, why is this so different, what makes this quest any different to any other me and you have done"

Jonah: "It just is, please just drop it, i don't want to talk about it okay"

Jonah stood up and started to walk away when celeste grabbed his hand, he now had two choices, the first one was the one he really wanted to do which was pull away and run from Celeste, the other one was the one he didn't want to do, sit down and talk to her

Celeste: "Please jonah tell me why"

Jonah turned back to look at her, he couldn't look her in the eyes, he kept avoiding eye contact with her as he knelt back down infront of her

Jonah: "Well i dont want to lose you okay, i dont want anything bad to happen to you, think how you would feel if you lost someone you cared deeply about, if something happened to them and you couldn't protect them, couldn't help them, i know if i do this alone then you will go through the same thing i would if i lost you but.."

He let his sentence trail off like he didn't want to say the next thing, he didn't want to admit to her something that he had been trying to avoid for a very long period of time, something that took time to properely develop

Celeste: "You wont lose me, you know i can handle myself out there, whenever me and you work together we can prove almost unstoppable, we're a team for a reason, alone we are okay, together we are the best"

Jonah: "I know you can handle yourself, i know together we make a pretty good team but this time i need to do this alone, please understand"

Celeste:- "Jonah what is there to understand, you don't want me to join you because you're scared of losing me, well here's a reality check mister, you will never lose me aslong as we stick together, we're a team"

Jonah:- "I know we're a team, it's not that im scared of losing you, i mean yes i do fear i will one day lose you but still, this isn't that"

Celeste:- "Then what is it Jonah, you know you can tell me anything"

Jonah:- "It's just.."

He let his sentence trail off, he was a little embarrased as to what he wanted to tell Celeste, if he told her how he really felt it could ruin everything and his fear of losing her could become reality

Celeste:- "It's just what"

Jonah:- "Nothing, it's just nothing

Jonah:- "Don't lie to me Jonah, i know there is something bothering you, please just tell me"

Jonah:- "I can't, i won't, don't try to make me, please"

Celeste:- "Jonah please just tell me, whatever it is i can deal with it"

Jonah looked down at the floor, Celeste could tell something was seriously wrong now, if he wouldn't look at her, maybe she had done something wrong, maybe he didn't like her anymore, maybe he didn't want to be her friend

Celeste:- "You don't like me, that's why you don't want me to go, you don't want to spend time with me and you know you would have to if we were alone on this quest"

Every word she said was killing Jonah, he loved spending time with her, he wasn't even sure why she had just said those things, she must of known they weren't true

Jonah:- "That's were you're wrong, spending time with you is amazing, the only good memories i have are the ones when im with you, you're what makes this whole place seem worthwhile"

Celeste:- "Oh, then why won't you allow me to join you"

Jonah:- "Because i love you okay, when i arrived at this camp my heart felt like a jigsaw puzzle, it was shattered beyond repair, when my parents died i had nobody, i felt so alone and empty but then you came along, whenever we are together it feels like the whole world is just perfect, it feels like piece by piece the puzzle is been put back together"

Celeste just stared at Jonah, she was beyond shocked, he had just told her that he loved her and also added something about a broken puzzle,she didn't know what to say, what could she say, of course she felt the same way but she couldn't find the courage to admit it

Celeste:- "Oh.."

Jonah could tell that he had probably just ruined everything he and Celeste had, he knew that things would never be the same now and he couldn't handle that, a few words had probably ruined the one good thing in his life, he needed to apologise

Jonah:- "I'm sorry, i shouldn't of said that, i'm so sorry"

Without even waiting for a response from celeste, not that she would of given him one, she was still in a state of shock and didn't even seem to register the apology, Jonah quickly got to his feet and did the only thing he knew he was good at, he ran, he never even looked back as he made his way to his cabin, within minutes he was back at his cabin, he quickly ran inside and locked the door as to make sure nobody could disturb him, well when we say nobody we know that meant Celeste, anyways Jonah wasn't sure how much time had passed but he was pretty sure it wasn't much when he heard a light tapping on his door, was someone knocking or was it his imagination

Alexis:- "Knock knock, Jonah you in there"

Definetly wasn't his imagination, Alexis had seen him running and decided to follow him, she followed him all the way to his cabin and was pretty surprised to find he had locked himself inside it, it was a rare thing for Jonah to lock his cabin door, he usually had the whole come and go as you please policy, Jonah didn't want to see anyone right at this time, hence the door been locked

Jonah:- "Alexis please just go away, i don't want to see anyone right now"

Alexis: "Jonah what's wrong, please let me in, if something's bothering you then me and you can talk about it"

Jonah: "NO! just please go away and leave me alone"

Alexis thought about it for a few moments and decided to do as he asked, like everyone at the camp she knew Jonah was very stubborn, she knew changing his mind would be impossible and decided not to bother trying, she turned away from his cabin and headed down towards the battlefield to do a bit of light training in hopes that Jonah after a little time alone would be up to talking, after a few minutes she arrived at her destination to find something she didn't want to, Celeste was on the battlefield just sitting there, she didn't even notice Alexis walk up

Alexis:- "Oh great, is my luck really this bad. first Jonah refuses to talk and now i run into you of all people"

Celeste didn't respond to the obvious insult, instead she just rose to her feet and drew the dagger she always kept on her belt, in one quick motion she turned to face Alexis, before Alexis had any chance to figure out what was going on Celeste shove the tip of her dagger against Alexis's throat

Celeste:- "Little warning, insult me again and this dagger will be the last thing you ever see okay, now tell me where Jonah is"

Alexis:- "His cabin, locked himself in, doubt he will unlock his door for anyone, especially not you"

Alexis knew that wasn't the smartest thing to say with the dagger pressed so close to her throat but she couldn't help herself, luckily for her Celeste moved her hand away and sheathed the dagger before walking away, a few steps away she turned back to Alexis

Celeste: "Locked in, i'll get him out, you just watch me, as for the last insult, you better watch your back"

Alexis: "I'm not scared of you, as for Jonah if he wouldn't unlock his door for me then what chance do you have, it's always been obvious Jonah likes me more so you will just be wasting your time"

Celeste didn't respond with words, she chose a more tactical approach, she unsheathed her dagger and took delibaretly slow steps towards Alexis, after the first few she was pretty close to Alexis, close enough to strike if she felt like it, Alexis was terrifed, she knew in combat she would be pretty outmatched against Celeste but she didn't want to show she was scared so she stood her ground, Celeste knew Alexis was trying to act brave and put an end to her charade, she sliced the air just infront of Alexis and caused her to stumble backwards causing her to fall flat on her ass

Celeste:- "Scared, no you're not scared, you're terrifed"

Alexis:- "I..I.."

Celeste:- "Save it, i don't care, you're not worth my time, got one last thing to let you know before i do go though, Jonah told me what was bothering him"

Alexis:- "What, he..he told you"

Celeste:- "Yes he did, guess it shows that you don't know anything, he seems to like me more"

Celeste let out a small laugh, she knew he liked her more, he had admitted to her that he loved her, Alexis rose to her feet and gave Celeste one last evil stared before storming off in a huff, Celeste had accomplished two things, the first was she managed to scare Alexis and get a little payback for the insults, the second, she finally shut her up, now she only had one more thing to do, she had to go talk to Jonah

Celeste: "Why is this so hard, it's Jonah for god sake, i've always been able to talk to him about anything so why is this different, he told me he loves me so why can't i do the same, could it be possible that i don't feel that way, no, it's not that,of course i love Jonah so why can't i tell him"

She was pretty much talking to herself as she was wandering around, avoiding jonah's cabin for aslong as she could, she so badly wanted to burst into Jonah's cabin and just scream to the heavens and Jonah of course that she felt the same way about him as he did about her but there was something holding her back, it was as if her heart was telling her one thing while her head another, her heart wanted to burst out and just admit her love but her head was doing some pretty bad reasoning, what if telling him she loved him ruined everything they had, what if he only said it to stop her from talking about the quest, what if his feelings were fake, well it was time to find out, she stopped infront of his cabin and did a few light taps on his door, a few moments passed and she assumed he hadn't heard her so she again did a few taps on the door only this time making sure they were harder and easier to hear

Jonah:- "I thought i told you to leave me alone Alexis, i don't want to see anyone right now"

Celeste:- "Not even me"

Jonah:- "Celeste..."

Celeste-: "That would be my name, now can you open the door so we can talk"

Jonah:- "No just go away and leave me alone"

Celeste:- "Hmm let me think about that, not a chance, i'm not going anywhere till me and you have had a chance to talk"

It was silent for what seemed a lifetime, so around a minute or so, Jonah hadn't said anything since Celeste had told him she refused to leave, she was getting a little impatient waiting for Jonah to say something but to her surprise Jonah did something a little better, without Celeste noticing he had got off his bed, unlocked the door and gone to lay back down, she knew how stubborn Jonah could be so she rushed in before he had a chance to change his mind, she closed the door behind her and made sure to lock it so they didn't get disturbed, more so the fact Jonah wouldn't be able to escape, turning to face him she saw him laying on his bed face down with his face buried in a pillow

Celeste:- "So this is what you would rather be doing, instead of talking to me you would rather bury your head in a pillow, definetly not the Jonah i know"

Jonah looked up from his pillow and for the first time Celeste could see he had been crying, the Jonah she knew never cried, he would always put on a brave face even when things seemed to be against him

Celeste: "Jonah, i know this won't help much but i'm sorry, this is all my fault"

Jonah: "Nope, you was just been you, this is my fault, i deserve this pain i feel, deserve to suffer, i should of never told you what i did, i could of ruined everything"

Celeste:- "Don't say that, i'm happy you said what you did, you don't know how it made me feel"

Jonah:- "Maybe not but i sure as hell know how it made me feel, for the first time in my life it made me feel weak, made me feel like i wasn't myself"

Celeste:- "Jonah loving someone doesn't make you weak"

Jonah:- "It has me, i feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and for the first time ever i can't hold it up"

Celeste:- "Jonah, don't be such an idiot, so you told me you love me, that doesn't change anything, that doesn't make you weak, you had the courage to tell me how you feel, in my eye's that makes you stronger"

Jonah:- "I don't feel stronger, ever since i told you i've felt different, i've felt wrong, since that moment when i could of ruined everything i finally gave up"

Celeste:- "So because you admitted your feelings you not only think you have ruined everything but you have decided to just give up"

Jonah:- "Pretty much, how do you carry on when the only good thing in your life just got ruined by three stupid words"

Celeste was starting to get annoyed with Jonah, he was acting like a complete idiot, giving up because he admitted his feelings for her, she felt like giving him a big slap and telling him to get over it, at the same time though she also felt like admitting her feelings and giving the big idiot a kiss Celeste:- "Jonah you're an idiot, listen to me now, you told me how you feel, im glad you did because i feel the same, have done for a long time, never had the courage to tell you though, guess now is a good time to though"

Jonah:- "Celeste.."

Celeste:- "Hush, don't ruin this, i have to tell you how i feel before i end up killing you for been such an idiot, Jonah i do love you, since our first quest, you was there for me when i needed someone the most, you always have been, my feelings have been growing ever since, so many time i just wanted to grab you and tell you but like i said, i didn't have the courage"

Jonah slowly sat up on the bed, for the first time since he had told Celeste he loved her he didn't feel as weak, he didn't feel as scared that he had ruined everything, he still felt different but maybe a good different, maybe not as strong as he usually felt and maybe not as confident, guess thats what love does to you, he felt like he didn't need to act like the strong, confident guy, he felt like the weight had been lifted from his shoulders though

Jonah:- "Celeste, do you mean that"

Celeste:- "Of course i do you idiot, i would of told you before but you ran off, well i probably wouldn't of told you because i would of been too embarrased to say anything but still, i do mean it"

Jonah:- "So what does this mean for our friendship, feel like we have just done something that could ruin it forever"

Celeste:- "Nothing will ruin what me and you have, we both admitted our feelings to each other and that's a good start but maybe we should take it slow for now and see how things go before we rush into anything else"

Jonah:- "Okay, seems the right thing to do, don't want to ruin anything we have before anything really begins"

Celeste looked at Jonah, she had tears in her eye's but they weren't from been sad, she was happy, happier than she had ever been, that happiness faded pretty quickly as she held out her hand and Jonah hesitantly took it, she couldn't understand why he was so hesitant that is until she saw the blood, Jonah's wrist and arm was covered with cuts

Celeste:- "Jonah!"

Jonah looked away a little sheepishly, in all his time at the camp he had never once seen Celeste get as angry as she looked right at that very moment, her face was bright red and he swore if looks could kill then he would be dead within a second, he was a little taken aback by what she did next, she slapped him, not a playful slap she sometimes gave him, this was a full force blow to the cheek that probably left a hand print, he couldn't see his cheek so he wouldn't know but what he did know was that it hurt like there was no tommorow

Jonah:- "What the.."

Before he could even finish what he was preparing to say he recieved another slap, this one seemed to be even more powerful than the first one and it hurt just as much, the first one he guess he deserved, the second one not so much, he knew she was going to do it again and this time was prepared, as soon as he saw her hand coming down towards his face he managed to duck, he got up off his bed before she had time to react to her miss and ran towards the door only to remember what she had done, she had locked it

Celeste:- "You mister are not going anywhere, get over here and tell me why the heck you would be so stupid as to self harm"

Jonah:- "I'll pass, if i come over there you will slap me again and to be honest i don't need that, not even these cuts hurt half as much as them slaps"

Celeste:- "Yeah well you deserve them for been such an idiot, can't believe you would do all this because of what you told me"

Jonah:- "I'm sorry okay, maybe i was an idiot but still, how was i to know that i didn't ruin everything between us, how would you feel if you thought you had ruined everything between me and you"

Celeste:- "I'd be heartbroken since you're my best friend, the one i love but still, i wouldn't be so stupid as to cut myself"

Jonah:- "Celeste i'm sorry okay, i was stupid but.."

Celeste:- "No, don't bother apologising, you was stupid, beyond stupid to be fair, instead of talking to me about it you do all this"

Jonah:- "Celeste, i'm sorry, please give me a chance to make it up to you"

Celeste:- "You want a chance then how about this, first you can get over here and accept another slap"

Jonah:- "Okay.."

He did as she had asked him to and walked back over to her, he knew what was coming as soon as he made it to her, she raised her hand and slapped him with full force, the slap seemed to be the worst of the lot she had given him, the pain it caused him was pretty bad but he withstood it, he didn't expect what she did after she had slapped him, she wrapped both arms tightly round him and began sobbing into his shoulder, she had hurt him and now she was hugging him

Celeste:- "How..how could you be such an idiot"

Jonah:- "I'm sorry, i guess losing you was more than i could ever bare to handle, guess i couldn't see my life without you in it"

Celeste pulled away from him and stared at him intently, Jonah didn't have any clue what to do so he just stared back, the staring carried on for a couple of minutes before Jonah noticed celeste let out a little smile

Celeste:- "If you ever do anything this stupid again you won't have a life, i will kill you if you do something this bad ever again, do you know what you put me through, all the pain i have just felt"

Jonah:- "Pain, you slapped me three times, im pretty sure anymore slaps would of knocked my head off, they were pretty forceful"

Celeste just let out a little laugh, seeing Jonah joke around, atleast she hoped it was a joke anyway, that made all this bad stuff worthwhile, she prefered Jonah when he wasn't been serious, when he was just having fun and been his regular self

Jonah:- "So i'm guessing that you forgive me since you haven't killed me"

Celeste:- "Not yet, you still have to do one more thing before i forgive you"

Jonah:- "And what might that be"

Celeste held out her hand, not the answer Jonah was looking for but oh well, he softly took it and gave her hand a little squeeze, she gave a little smile then began walking to the door pretty much pulling Jonah along with her, she unlocked the door and left the cabin pulling Jonah out with her, a few campers noticed Celeste leave the cabin with Jonah but didn't say anything as they began walking to Celeste's chosen destination

Jonah:- "So where are we going or don't i want to know"

Celeste:- "The infirmary, going to get them cut's cleaned up and sorted out"

Jonah didn't like the sound of that, he always hated the infirmary and refused to go at all costs, whenever he took an injury he would just carry on like nothing had happened, this time would be no different, he pulled his hand away from Celeste and began walking away that is until she grabbed his hand and forced him to stop

Jonah:- "No, no, no, i'm not going anywhere near the infirmary, the cuts will be fine"

Celeste:- "Yes you are mister, if you don't then i won't forgive you and you will lose me, the cuts may be fine but i just want to make sure"

Jonah knew he had no choice in the matter, Celeste had found a way to wrap him around her little finger

Jonah:- "Fine i'll go"

Celeste:- "Good now come on, the sooner you get them sorted out the sooner i will forgive you for been an idiot"

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