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Build A Better Infographic

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Outdated data

Photo by Ryan Vaarsi

No clear point

Photo by Stefan Baudy


Determine biz value

What objective/s does it support?
Photo by hjl

Define purpose

What behavior do you want to influence?
Photo by mattjiggins

Identify audience

Who is the target & why should they care?

Choose channels

Where & how will it be distributed?
Photo by apdk

Establish reqs

What branding, meta data, etc. is needed?
Photo by TerryJohnston

State take-away

What's the most important thing?

Secure approvals

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Use what you know about your audience to create a narrative that supports the purpose and the key take-away.
Photo by eutouring

Map story arcs

Put DC metro map here!
Photo by blueskies9

Drive to take-away

and purpose
Photo by OtherThink

Emphasize CTAs

and key take-aways
Photo by minnepixel

Rock heads & ledes

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Secure approvals

Photo by Jaako


Photo by jannekestaaks

Use current data

Photo by junyaogura

Cite original sources

If you can't find it, best to avoid
Photo by Matthew.H


Photo by Mike Ashton

Create thumbnails

for each arc
Photo by bluekdesign

Collect branding

Fonts & and color palettes, too!
Photo by quinet

Secure approvals

Photo by Jaako