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Published on Sep 02, 2016

The Basics, History, and Impact of Buddhism



By Nicholas Clavo

The Basic Teachings of Buddha

  • The Three Universal Truths
  • The Four Noble Truths
  • The Noble EightPath

The Three Universal Truths

  • Nothing Is Lost In The Universe
  • Everything Changes
  • The Law of Cause and Effect


  • Theravada
  • Mahayana
  • Vajrayana
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More Concepts of Buddhism

  • Wheel of Reincarnation
  • The Five Precepts
  • The Triple Jewels

The Three Buddhist Jewels

  • The Buddha
  • The Dharma
  • The Shanga
  • Once people follow these Jewels, they will go on a journey that will distungish from a non-believer.
Buddha being the enlightened one
Dharma being the teachings of the religion
Shanga being the community of the buddhist.
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  • The Religion was started by Siddarath Gautama
  • The reason that the religion started was, because of the conditions he saw in a ride during the spring
  • It was started in 563 B.C.E.
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Major Turning Points

  • The First Buddhist Council forming after Buddha's death in 483 B.C.E
  • Yogacara starting in 315 by Asaga
  • Buddhist Logic being founded in 480 B.C.E
  • The Religion being translated in Early China by Paramartha
Yogacara would become Yoga and be brought to the west later

More Major Turning Points

  • Kadampa Buddhism being introduced in 1976 by Venerable GKG to the west
  • People in the last 50 years bringing the religion over to western countries
  • The Buddhist Canon began print in 972 C.E
  • The Religion in its namesake being introduced in 219 C.E in China
  • It also being introduced in Japan in 538 C.E.
GKG stands for Geshe Kelsang Gyasato
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  • Many people joined the religion today due to the hectic lifestyle of today's world
  • People in Particular are intersted in meditation, overcoming stress, and deepen spiritual pressure.

Impact of Buddhism

  • Once the religion made it over to the west, It changed
  • People begin to adopt some buddhist belifs into society
  • There have also been western buddhist centers built more in the Eu/America
Such as protecting the environment and taking care of all the creatures and plantlife that inhabit it.
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Buddhism in Video Games

  • There are many intrepations of Buddhism based on the different forms of Buddhism
  • They can range from refrences to Buddha to Characters who are Buddhist
  • They can also look like Buddhist Temples such as the Ancient Cistern from SS
  • Some Games like Flower have also adapted ideals and its serene atmosphere
  • One buddhist leader even said that games help let out agression, helps decompress negative emotions, and is a better method than meditation
The leader being metioned is Orygen Trinley Dorhe

Buddhism in Anime

  • Some characters in this medium, such as Namu in Dragon ball are buddhist.
  • Some of its major figures such Benten are depicted in the medium.
  • The idea of reincarnation is used in anime such as some of Haio Miyosaki's works, Inuyasha, and Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • Some characters like Miroku in Inyasha are also buddhist monks as well
  • Finally, Some anime such as Air, Bleach, and others also display some ideals of the religion such as Daruma.

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