Boundary Work

Published on Oct 04, 2020

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Boundary Work

Sherri Spelic - Future Tense Conference 2020
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Let's take a few breaths.

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Today's session is about you, your needs and priorities.

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It's also an experiment,
a reflection space, a mirror in the making.

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If boundaries are the agenda, what's the destination?

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we'll arrive at some clarity.

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we'll develop some strategies.

we'll build what we need,

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and possibly discover the unexpected.

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Think of a positive example of boundaries being applied.

What made it positive?

I'm going to lead us through a process.

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We'll zoom out to get perspective, ...

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Then zoom back in to decide what to adjust.

Think of a situation.

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system, or
the universe?

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What/Who are the elements?

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How do these elements stand in relation to each other?

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Sketch it, diagram it.
Show what you see.

Pause. Observe.

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What do you notice?

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Where are you?

Where do you want/need to be?

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Where are boundaries visible or active?

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How do the boundaries you see serve you?

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Pause. Observe.

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It's you

A Story
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Adjustments? Where?

What's different?

What are the boundaries telling you, telling others?

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What is your #BoundaryWork?

Who can support you?

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What form of support might you need?

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And next time...

Reach Out

Peace and Thank you.

Sherri Spelic

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