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  • Olivia, the foster child. At the beginning of the book she is about to go to and live in her sixteenth house with her sixteenth family.
  • Harriet and Daniel, Olivia's new siblings. They tell Olivia about Amelia Dyer, the child killer, make her feel welcome and play with her at school.
  • Jim, Olivia's new dad. Daniel and Harriet's dad. He doesn't have a wife so he look after the children on his own.
  • Amelia Dyer, a Victorian baby slayer. She would look after hundreds of babies at once during which many of them died.


  • This book is set in an old Victorian house; it is Jim, Daniel and Harriet's home. The house used to belong to Amelia Dyer the child snatcher; Olivia is haunted by her every night.
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  • This is Olivia's sixteenth chance for a home but someone is desperate to ruin it. Olivia's real mum went mad so Olivia, and her sister, Hayley, were sent into foster care. Hayley was adopted instantly with her pretty looks and cute smiles but Olivia was harder to love. This is one of Olivia's last chances to have a loving family who can handle her. In this book she hears strange babies crying in the night, young children screaming their last words and she finds minuscule corpses at the bottom of the garden...


  • I recommend this book for children 10 to 12 year olds who like murder and adventure books.
  • It is a exhilarating, dramatic read that will poison your senses.
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