Blogging for School Leaders

Published on Jan 17, 2016

A presentation for the #HPGAFE summit on 18 January 2016.


Blogging for School Leaders

#HPGAFE -  18 January 2016 

Jay Eitner, Eitner Education

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Who cares?  Who has time to read? Why me? 
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1. Blogging allows you to share challenges, strategies, and triumphs of troubleshooting, guiding, and inspiring not just a classroom, but an entire academic community.

2. Blogging is simply tapping a vein. Some are conservative, some are wild, but all deliver a message.

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3. Blogging connects you to others on your island and those in your community.

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The Basics

The key to initial blogging is either: 
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AKA "crock-pot-blogging" 
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AKA - Twitter! 
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1) What are you passionate about?

HINT: It does NOT have to be about education 
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2) Find a *FREE* blog hosting site

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3) Follow *ALL* instructions

Read ALL of the fine print... seriously1
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4) Do your first post NOW!!!

It's like signing up for the gym and then not going.
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5) Pause before you post.

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Promote or Privatize.

Feedback is clutch.

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