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Bloggers As Activists

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Bloggers as activists

By Tonyo Cruz

We have done it many times for simple but oft-forgotten reason that bloggers are first and foremost citizens.

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Activism is challenging. It is an anti-thesis of bloggers' focus on "me".

Activism is about "we", not "me".

Bloggers can do it and have done it.

And we have done it not for ourselves but for others. We take a stand for others.

When bloggers do something great for others, something great happens.

Activism happens.

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Bloggers take action
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  • Ondoy, Sendong, Pablo
  • Habagat
  • Bohol Earthquake
  • Yolanda


Bloggers take a stand

Cybercrime laws are supposedly about making technology and the economy safe, secure.

Not in PH.

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President BS Aquino's RA 10175 was an attack on the rights to free speech, privacy and free association.

Everything important to bloggers and netizens.

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What we did

  • Spoke out
  • Formed alliances
  • Took direct action
  • Sued gov't at SC
  • Filed appeals
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It could be simple

But potent just the same

Bloggers are also travelers, tourists, photographers, hagglers, economists, mappers, performers.

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Bloggers helped make it possible

What you can do

  • Be a champion, an advocate
  • Adopt a town, union, NGO, school
  • Make it a tandem or group effort
  • Help as many people
  • Use your skills for others
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Activism is about doing something different for others. And in so doing, we create something new and great.

Looking forward

  • Bloggers to help socialize, digitize PH
  • Bloggers to champion causes, old and new
  • Bloggers to be thought leaders beyond blogging
  • Bloggers to play a role in nation-building
  • Bloggers to become great citizens

Rak na ituuu!

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