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Black veil Brides

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Black veil brides
Is an American rock band based in Hollywood California. They have released 4 studio albums and one ep.

Andy Biersack
Born December 26, 1990.
Is the lead singer for bvb and it's only remaining original member. He grew up listening to bands like kiss and Mötley crüe. He suffered through bullying as a child and was brought back in the knives and pens video.

Birth name is Jeremy miles Ferguson. Born January 7, 1986.
Is the rhythm guitarist and occasional violinist for bvb. He started playing gigs with his dad at the age of 8...
In bars!

Jake Pitts
Born august 21, 1985. Lead guitarist for bvb.
Jake had a guitar as a kid. But he didn't touch it until he started listening to Metallica.

Birth name is Christian coma. Born april 21, 1985.
Drummer for bvb. He got his first drum set at the age of 9. And didn't join bvb until Sandra alvarenga left. His first album with them was set the world on fire.

Ashley Purdy
Born January 28, 1984.
Bassist for bvb. He moved to la which is where he met Andy. Unlike all the others he didn't suffer from bullying.

There first album with Sandra alvarenga on drums, was we stitch these wounds. There biggest songs off that album was perfect weapon, the morticians daughter, and there biggest song knives and pens.

Set the world on fire
Is the second studio album by bvb. It is also the first album with cc on drums. It included hits such as the legacy and fallen angels.

Rebels is bvb' s first and only ep. It includes a fan favorite song called coffin. It is also the first bvb song I've ever heard.

Wretched and divine
The story of the wild ones is the third studio album. Its biggest single was in the end.

Black veil brides is the fourth studio album by you know who. It has hits such as heart of fire, goodbye agony, crown of thorns, and drag me to the grave. If you would like to check out the making of this album, look up bvb in the studio.

One tour that bvb does a lot is vans warped tour. It is an annual traveling music festival represented by vans line of clothing. If you want to dumb it down its emo heaven.

Bvb is on break right now but, Andy is working on solo work called Andy black.