Published at Nov 21, 2015
Haiku by Chris Gordon


she describes foxes nursing a small cool stone in my pocket

reminiscent of a skull your panties on a stack of books

shower water in my tea cup you pinch my nipple

the heat from your sunburn wakes me the sheets smell of grapes

your scars white in the sun a crow hops on the hot asphalt

opening the paper someone else's salt falls into my lap

looking for the cat we find the shoe you said I threw in the river

dry in the sink the tea bag has torn and leaks a few flakes

on the hard stones by the river a girl in her thong

slightly askew one slat on the blinds lets in the entire night

flashing in the sun the wing of a dragonfly left in a web

the red leaves black in the sunshine all the baby pigs in your skirt

the last day in July I manage with one less chair

between the empty bays at the bus station a white seed drifts

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