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Customer Reviews about BidPrime
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BidPrime Reviews

Published on Oct 22, 2019

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BidPrime Reviews

Customer Feedback and Testimonials about BidPrime
Customer Reviews about BidPrime

"... respond quickly and are able to obtain bids"

Real-time government bids

"... used BidPrime for 7+ years"

Rely only upon BidPrime for bids now

"Obtains documents for me"

Getting documents is a time saver. So many of the hurdles eliminated.

"So easy to use"

Easy to use for email or by logging in. Getting documents easily.

"1 lead paid for an entire subscription"

Finding bids not found on other databases

"...extremely responsive"

Customer support is the best in the industry

"The best bid database I've come across"

More coverage of bids and RFP opportunities

"Easily customized each user settings and regions with help of Account Manager"

User Interface

"Free trial was useful. I found bids not found anywhere else"

1 month free trial to find leads before choosing to buy.

"Found bids not found on my other services"

Comprehensive coverage.

"Fabulous customer support! Only receive relevant bids."

Customized results and alerts

"Bids we did not know about!"

Bids not covered elsewhere.

"Documents attached to most RFPs. For the ones that don't have a document, I can request them to get for me in 1 click."

Bid specifications and documents.