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Beyond the CPI

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Mobile performance marketing is an extremely fast-moving field. Cost Per Install (CPI) campaigns have ruled the roost for the last few years, but now skyrocketing prices have driven advertisers further down the funnel in search of engaged users. What are the most important events to measure in a mobile performance marketing campaign today? How do new techniques like deferred deeplinking work? In this session we’ll dive into these topics and more to give advertisers & agencies the foundation they need to run a successful mobile performance campaign.


Beyond the CPI

What's Important Today in Mobile Performance Marketing


Product Manager, HasOffers by TUNE
My name is Josh Todd, and I'm the Product Manager of HasOffers by TUNE.

We make software that allows you to create your own ad network and easily manage your publishers at scale.

You can follow me on Twitter @joshtodd.
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In the beginning...

There were installs
Advertisers' first goal was to get users to install their app. They figured it would be hard to make any money without their app installed, right?

This was much like early web advertising

Just like when advertisers and agencies dumped huge budgets into pure CPM and CPC campaigns on the desktop web.
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Everyone was happy

Advertisers paid Networks & Publishers for installs alone

For a while...

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The Problem

Networks, publishers and advertisers have different goals
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Mobile Game Developer: Atomic Dodgeball

Advertiser pays network £2 per install

Publisher sends 100 installs to the network

Advertiser pays network £200

Network pays publisher

Network and publisher are happy

Only 10 users made a £1 in-app purchase

Advertiser is sad

“The cost per acquisition on Facebook is substantially in excess of what any game company could hope to earn from an average player, suggesting that this line of business is due for a crash.”
Cory Doctorow,
in The Guardian

The Solution

Align the goals of networks, publishers and advertisers

What if?

What if there was a system to drive traffic directly to a landing page within an app after installing it where the user could make a purchase, resulting in revenue for the publisher, network, AND the advertiser?
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The enabling tech:
Deferred Deeplinks

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How it works

Let's take a look...
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1. User clicks an ad

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2. Deferred deeplink redirects them to the appropriate app store

3. After the user installs the app, they are directed to the page within the app featuring the initial ad

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Retail voucher integration for a travel app

The voucher from the ad is applied when the user makes the purchase in-app

In this case

  • Network gets paid
  • Publisher gets paid
  • Advertiser gets paid
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Everyone is happy again!
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I'm a performance network

How will this affect my business?
1. You can now work with mobile apps using the same successful methods previously only available for the desktop web.

2. Expand your performance-based business model into installs, sales, and registrations in mobile and lead gen using goals.

3. Receive a higher payout when driving quality traffic to your advertisers.
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I'm a mobile app advertiser

What is the impact on my business?
The impact is enormous! By working with deferred deep links, you are opening up new user acquisition opportunities and channels. You can now work on am ore mutually beneficial basis with performance networks and their publishers, plus measure your internal media by campaigns this way.
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I'm interested

How do I get started?
Advertisers can use TUNE Marketing Console to start creating deferred deeplinks.

Networks can use HasOffers by TUNE to attribute the in-app events to the proper publishers.

Publishers should work with those networks and advertisers!

Talk to us today!