Benefits of The Bent Press

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Benefits of the Bent Press

'The King of Lifts'

3 Reasons You Should Do the Bent Press: The King of Lifts

Benefit #1: It Creates Happiness

 “The secret to happiness in life is to put heavy stuff over your head”Jon Engum

Dave Whitley

Iron Tamer bent press 150lb kettlebell

Benefit #2: Mobility

 To be a fully functional athlete, we need to rotate our bodies

Benefit #3: Strength in Stabilizers

 If you have any overhead mobility issues, this lift will help you

“Taming the Bent Press:

A Guide to the King of Lifts” by Dave “Iron Tamer” Whitley 

“Taming the Bent Press: A Guide to the King of Lifts” by Dave “Iron Tamer” Whitley is available for $9.00 in ebook form and $25.00 in paperback at

A complete guide to learning the bent press, the old school method for putting maximal weight overhead with one hand. Whether you are an experienced bent presser or brand new to it, this book has got you covered. This is the culmination of over a decade of practice and research.

You wanna get strong?

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How to perform the Bent Press

A dumbbell made for #strongman Warren Lincoln Travis approximately 100 years ago

709 kg (photo Stark Center)

Instagram photo by Steve Cotter Ikff. Taken at Stark Center University of Texas

Steve Cotter

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