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Because of Franki

Published on Nov 18, 2015

In honor of Franki's birthday. Here are a few words about all she does.


Because of Franki

A Tribute by Cathy Mere

Because Of Franki

  • I know more about transitional readers.
  • I think about leveled texts a differently.
  • Our classroom workshops hum along. 
  • I know more about picture books.
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Because Of Franki

  • I FINISHED writing a book (whew, good thing she can cheer).
  • I have this blog.
  • My classroom space has been thoughtfully arranged. 
  • I'm digital.
  • My students have digital opportunities.

Franki moved me from a love of literacy into advocating for literacy. From silence to action.

Franki brings our community together with her big questions, new thinking, and friendship.

… and she does it without even knowing. Thanks for being you, Franki.
Happy Birthday!

Photo by Doha Sam