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Be The Power and The Point

Published on Nov 18, 2018

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Be The Power and The Point

Why You Need to Present at your next conference

Sherri Spelic

American Int'l School Vienna

Some of My Beliefs

  • I believe firmly in your expertise and brilliance.
  • Educators of color are vital to the education community.
  • Greater EOC visibility in public professional spaces offers multiple benefits

What We Gain with our presence

  • We grow our individual capacities as professionals
  • We grow as members of a larger community.
  • We improve the whole field of education, not only in the area of diversity!
Before next slide, offer overview of agenda: "We'll explore a series of questions which will help each of us arrive at an intention for next steps. I hope that some of your will be willing to share your intention with us."

What are you excited to share with your colleagues?

Given your experience, special interests and variety of strengths, what would would be your dream workshop or presentation to offer others?

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Talk about your last conference experience

Conference experience = most recent public professional learning event
Might also be online, for instance.
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How did you contribute your expertise?

Question helps us understand which conditions are favorable for us to want to contribute.
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Also consider joining an organization to help shape conference priorities

Point out there are other options for engaging if public speaking is not one's preferred means of activity.
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Think again about your ideal workshop/panel/

Don't hesitate, collaborate!

Reminder that no one needs to work alone. Find partners, allies, mentors, sponsors and join forces!
PoCC program shows lots of evidence of how well this works.

Where will you find your audience?

Begin with your special interests and go from there. There are more conferences than anyone can imagine. To find the right ones may require some extra research and lots of asking around. Also think broadly. across and beyond disciplines.
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What are some barriers to attending and presenting?

Which kinds of support would you welcome?

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Breathe. Let it all settle for a moment.

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What is your intention?

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Let's go shine!

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Keep Me Posted!

Thank you!

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