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BCA (Body Composition Analysis)

Published on Jun 04, 2021

Our body is full on various factors that all is produced or created with the help of food that we eat. Our food contains various nutrients that are required by our body and then by extracting nutrients from food body uses them for various purposes. Our personality depends on majorly 3 factors and they are fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are used as a primary source of energy, fats are used for various purposes, but they are not required in high quantity and protein is used to make muscles and our sexual reproductive content. Our intake should be a right combination of all these foods but in most of the cases, people consume only carbohydrates and fats which led them to various health issues. Obesity is the major issue of this decade and to deal with this issue one has acted smartly.

To reduce any of these factors or increase any of these factors one has to understand how much it is available in the body. BCA (Body Composition Analysis) is the test which helps you to know the exact availability of this content and it gives you many other aspects too. Along with this you can easily track how much water is available in your body, development of fats in our body.

BCA also helps you to know in which area body fat is stored, generally our stomach, thighs is the major storage areas and once you get to know these things you can control that development with the help of exercise for that particular body part.

Though we feel our body does consume much more water and 80% of the people in the world are not habitual of drinking enough water. When performing BCA you get a clear idea how much water content your body posses and it should be more than anything. Most of the actions are carried out with the help of water, including blood production, transportation, maintaining temperature of the body, maintaining heart rate and rest other routine activities.

Most of the people make their diet plan with the same sort of assumption about what they feel and they do not have clear about the behind the scene mechanism. Getting BCA done is one of the smartest thing to do before you plan your diet and it is idea to do this regular in order to track the performance of your body and diet that you are following.

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