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Published on Feb 22, 2016

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Photo by SD Dirk

What i need for play basketball

I need  special shoes for basketball ,ball special for basketball and shirt tops and shorts.

Rock climbing

Photo by mariachily

What i need for play Rock climbing

I need helmet for play rock climbing is very important,special shoes,rop and finish. 
Photo by BozDoz


What i need for play runing

I need a shoes for sport,shirt and sports shorts.
Photo by Jenud

Cycling of montain

Photo by cincinnato

What i need for play cycling of montain

i need bike and helmet.


What i need for play football

I need ball special for fotball,trainers,shorts and T-shirt.


Photo by Mr Moss

What i need for play ski

I need ski,helmet,ski glacess,scarf and long pants. 
Photo by ffrg0