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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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  • Barbiturates are a type of depressant


  • Symptoms are similar to being drunk
  • Loss of inhibition, loud or violent behavior,
  • Lack of muscle coordination, and depression


  • 5 years of imprisonment and a fine for possession
  • 14 years of imprisonment and a fine for supply

street names

  • Barbs, candy downers, phennies, reds,
  • Red birds, sleeping pills, tooies, tranks,
  • Yellows, yellow jackets

short term effects

  • Slow brain function, slowed pulse and breathing,
  • Lowered blood pressure, poor concentration,
  • Confusion, fatigue, dizziness, slurred speech,
  • Fever, sluggishness, visual disturbances,
  • Dilated pupils, lack of coordination, and depression

Long term effects

  • Depression, chronic fatigue, breathing
  • Difficulties, and sleeping problems

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  • One of the reasons that people lose their
  • lives on barbiturates is that the dose that
  • will kill a person is not much more than
  • the dose that will help them sleep.

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