Bank Talks Radical Responsibility

Published on Apr 03, 2019

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Bank Talks

Radical Responsibility 
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common corp - Leadership Team

victim-villian-hero triangle


  • "it" being done to them
  • out of their control
  • this isn't fair
  • "I Can't" or "its too hard"
  • "I'm Trying but..."
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  • focuses on the blame
  • absolutely correct
  • Finds fault
  • Deals with fear by intentionally pointing fingers
  • "you don't get it" or "I would never be like that"
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hero (aka martyr)

  • hates conflict/tension
  • temporary relief w/o really dealing with the issue
  • takes on more responsibility
  • "I'm the only one who can control this situation" or "I can help you fix you"
  • can handle it "all"
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blame / responsibility

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let's make this real 

Beliefs / thought systems

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where do we go from here?

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how can you use this knowledge today?

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